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Meaning of Is Day : A Unique Event That Can Bring True Understanding and Personal Enlightenment

Updated on June 19, 2013

IS : "*3rd person singular present indicative of BE. "

What is "BE" when it is, or took place

  • I am, We are, You are, He/She/They are
  • I have been
  • I am being

What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person?

  • 1st: Me, myself, and I.... (AM)
  • 2nd: You.... (ARE)
  • 3rd: He/She....(IS)

Note to English Scholars and Grammar Geeks: Feel free to note your corrections in the comment section below.


Today (3rd Friday in August) is National Meaning of “IS” Day.

I love two letter words such as ‘is’. They are so small, so useful, but also so difficult for us to explain. We need the word ‘is’ to communicate with other people in English. It is extremely important yet very few of us could ever explain exactly what “is” really means. “Well, ‘is’, is…”, “I mean the definition of ‘is’ is….,” hmm… see how hard that is to do.

In a world where big ol’ fancy words make a person sound more intelligent, one or two letter words just seem insignificant. The ‘big’ words fascinate us, they take more time to say, and are harder to memorize and work into conversation. When we say them, people must act as if they know what the big word means, or run the risk of looking less intelligent than the other guy.

Big words are also difficult to pronounce and often have lots of useless silent letters. Take for example the words (1) rhetoric, (2) vituperative, (3) loquacious, or (4) vacuous. They all look very important, however, if truth be told, we could boil these words down to basically say: (1) public talk, (1) mean talk, (3) too much talk, and (4) stupid talk.

K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple Stupid! (Kelly Johnson)

On the other hand, attempt to describe the word “is”. That requires more than memorizing a big word from the dictionary. It requires more mental skill to consider the past, present, and future all at the same time. In fact, you would need to understand a bit of English grammar for a clear understanding of ‘is’. Here’s a very simple description to make ‘is’ easier to understand.

First, consider my sadness of low hub followers after being a part of Hubpages community for quite some time. Also consider my jealousy over the popular writers here on Hubpages. Their astronomical scores and ridiculously great amount of followers (hey, I’m working on my hub-jealousy issue, don’t judge me).

I would say…

Everybody “is” reading and commenting on other hubs, while nobody “is” paying attention to mine.

‘Is’ describes the present when referring to the third person (those other people). She is… He is… they are… all reading and commenting on hubs that don’t belong to me.

For this national day, I celebrate it by considering the benefit of others experiences. I not only see how those other people act and react to things in the present, but I allow their example to teach me. I see the actions of elders, hero’s and regular everyday people.

  • She ‘is’ working hard every day to be the best mom she can be for her children
  • He ‘is’ making his dreams of owning a business a reality by the choices he makes now
  • They ‘are’ actively living out their faith by ministering to others in tangible ways.
  • The greatest Hubber 'is' actively working to hone their creative writing talents while generously subscribing and commenting on lesser known hubs such as this one...

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking 
we used when we created them.” (Albert Einstein)

They are providing a clear definition of what ‘is’ is. The definition is those others taking some action in the present. Essentially living-out now what we want to be. I choose to celebrate this National observance: The Meaning of ‘IS’ Day by considering what I am created to be and also moving towards what it ‘is’ I want to be. No big words needed, just a few little ones and the willingness to ponder what it ‘is’.


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