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Medusa Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 13, 2016


The mythical Medusa has been a fixture in mythology, along with the fearful head of snakes that has always been one of the coolest part of her persona. And when considering a Halloween costume of Medusa, that has to be the crown piece of the costume you're looking for.

After all, when you come as Medusa, who is going to look at the type of gown you're wearing with the costume? It's that head of snakes that everyone wants to see, which identifies who it is you're portraying.

That's not to say the Medusa costume itself isn't important, as there are some that definitely add a great look to, and complement, the snake head piece.

But you've got to get the snake head piece right to make the rest of the costume work.

Medusa is a great Halloween costume choice, as anything related to fantasy and mystery generates a lot of interest.

Halloween Costume of Medusa

This was an interesting choice for a Medusa costume. In this case the woman decided to go with the bigger and obvious snakes, and the snake-themed costume is really unique and well done.

Including the very nice looking snake design on her costume was also a great addition to the overall look. I like how it wraps around the bottom of the costume to end up with the head of the snake appearing ready to strike on the top of the front.

Medusa Costume

Medusa Costume in its Entirety

The Medusa Halloween costume below is actually fairly realistic, as it reveals the look of her overall body, which isn't easy to produce. Of course this is mostly for a picture, as it would be difficult to walk around, even if the costume tail was connected in a way that allowed you to walk. Picture everyone stepping on the tail at a party.

Full Medusa Costume

Snake Head Pieces for Medusa

Here are another couple of Medusa head pieces to give you some ideas. The one on the top was homemade, and was put together using snakes you can buy an most retail outlets. it looks very cool. The one on the bottom, while built from a commercially bought one, was improved upon by adding some ornate looking jewelry.

Medusa Snake Head Pieces

Gorgeous Blue Medusa Costume

This blue Medusa snake head and costume look great. To be completely accurate, the front is a different color, and adds to the reptilian look of the creature. That scaly look is a nice touch. What a wild and awesome snake head.

Blue Medusa Snake Head and Costume

Green Medusa Costume

This cute Medusa costume works pretty well considering the decision to include more of a minimalist look for the snake head piece. In this case the costume stands out in contrast to the snake head, while retaining the Medusa feel. It's not as ominous as the other Medusa's, but still a quality costume in its own right. Those armbands are a nice addition.

Cute Medusa Costume

Medusa Costumes

A Medusa costume is really a terrific option for those looking to differentiate themselves from other costumes. And if you're concerned over someone showing up as Medusa at the party, just add some accessories and/or embellishments to ensure your look won't be replicated.

When looking at the variety of Medusa costumes above, there's little likelihood you'll have a problem of running into a Medusa dressed just like you are, especially when armed with unique snakes and accessories to complement the costume.


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