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Memorial Day: Remembering and Helping

Updated on May 27, 2016
Always remember the sacrifices.
Always remember the sacrifices. | Source

How can We Best Begin on this Memorial Day to Honor Those Who Gave Their All?

May is our chance each year to set aside time for honoring those who gave up everything so we could live like no other people in history. On Memorial Day we have the opportunity to consider those who died while protecting our country and as they promoted freedom in other lands.

Finding ways to remember them with honor throughout the year is a way to always respect their sacrifice. From a simple thank you to helping their families and other members of the military we can all be involved in saluting the fallen.

Saying "Thank You" On Memorial Day is a Tradition We need to Promote

Memorial Day also gives us another chance to show gratitude to veterans who fought alongside those who gave their lives and to express thankfulness to those who are currently serving our country in the military.

Words that express the gratitude we owe to these people are important. Others have put it very well, yet words can never be enough. For someone who gives solemn thought to what this day means, the simple words “thank you for the sacrifices” are inadequate though the emotion strikes deeply and is appreciated.

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Memorial Day FlagsFlags Marking Memories
Memorial Day Flags
Memorial Day Flags | Source
Flags Marking Memories
Flags Marking Memories | Source

It is overwhelming to attend a ceremony at Arlington. To say it is poignant to see the photos and videos of others who have lost someone who is as dear to them as life itself in the dreadful machine called war seems needless.

Who knows words that can assuage the heartbreak? There are none. Thankfully, there are some comforts left to those who grieve, but what human words could truly satisfy the need?

Remembering the facts and figures recorded by history is crucially important to yet unborn people. Future generations need us to document the details and share the personal stories of those whose sacrifices bought our freedoms.

Whenever possible we need to record the testimonies of our men and women who served in past wars and give attention to the needs of today’s military personnel. We should share their stories on patriotic holidays, but we also need to be careful to remember our service members throughout the year.

Memorial Day is our time to remember those who sacrificed so we could live like no other people in history. It is also a day to consider with appreciation those who continue to serve.

How can We Begin on this Memorial Day to Pay the Debt of Gratitude We Owe?

It seems appropriate to use this Memorial Day hub to encourage others to think about helping the people who serve in the armed forces by offering suggestions on how to help them.

There are ways we can do something on behalf of those who put themselves on the front lines in defense of our country. Being aware of the various ways we could help them gives you a chance to consider your best first step.

Even if you are unable to do much at this time you can inform yourself for future reference as well as for sharing the information with family and friends. Talking about ways to help can prompt communities and smaller groups to work together to make a difference.

Our way of life, our families, our history, and our future are all defended by a relatively small number of our citizens. We can be part of their support system and we can encourage others to do the same.

As part of your Memorial Day holiday please take the time to check out some of the following organizations that are established for the purpose of helping members of our military and their families. Enough said--here's your starting point:

Find ways to honor those who sacrificed themselves.
Find ways to honor those who sacrificed themselves. | Source

Learn More About Memorial Day:

• Information on the meaning of Memorial Day including key facts and ways to observe this patriotic holiday.

This Memorial Day I'll Remember

• Read about Memorial Day traditions that include family and friends.

What can We Begin to do on this Memorial Day?

The following links can help you begin helping:

Soldiers Angels: A Volunteer Led Nonprofit the You can Help.

• Select how you want to help with Any Soldier's efforts.

• Help deployed soldiers stay in touch with family members.

• Learn how to volunteer your time and talents to help others.

• Read up on how churches reach out to help soldiers and their families.

• A ministry to those with PTSD, often led by veterans, is worth supporting.

• Share in ministry to military families @ Facebook.

• This care package site provides ideas to help deployed soldiers (with a forum).

• Specific needs of valid military families-- it is all screened, no third party applications.

• Supporting military families together--help make their lives better.

• Check out the National Military Family Association to find out how you can help.

• Bridging the gap with BIMI.

Remember, we don't have to wait for a holiday to honor those who serve us. Get involved today in an organization that supports them even if you can only help in a small way!

Do You Know that Flag Day is June 14th?

In case you have not had a chance to think about it this year, now is the time to start planning how to celebrate Flag Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate our colors with family and friends, and to teach children the importance of taking the time to consider what our flag stands for through some simple review of history.

Too often the day comes and goes before we have a chance to prepare. Most of us would like to acknowledge it in some way, and you know what, we should! Take a look at the following hubs to jump start your thinking and get your creative juices flowing:

Flag Day: Coast to Coast -- A short but thoughtful look at the expanse of our nation.

• Flag Day: What About It? -- Check out this information to help you start celebrating.

Flag Day and the Star Spangled Banner -- Review your national anthem on Flag Day.

Patriotic T-Shirts to make and give. Don't forget that the basic idea can be used for grownups!

Join this Dialogue about Memorial Day:

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    • profile image

      Genna East 6 years ago

      Thank you for these links. I understand how many of us often wonder what we can do as individuals to support the brave individuals who sacrifice on our behlf. Excellent hub!

    • lilian1 profile image

      lilian1 6 years ago from Hertfordshire England

      I so agree with you the dreadful machinery of war its terribly sad to actually go to Arlington Cemetary and see so many young people who have given their all for their country they paid such a huge sacrifice ....

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      lilian1, We owe a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid, but we can reach out to those who serve in one fashion or another. It would be an awesome thing to see an outpouring of appreciation to the members of our military. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of the dialogue!

    • profile image

      Bethany Culpepper 6 years ago

      Thank you for the article and the links. It was a somber weekend, but one full of thanksgiving.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Thank you for coming by Bethany Culpepper. Very much appreciate that you added to this dialogue.

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