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Memorial Day, a Tribute to Veterans

Updated on September 27, 2013

How do You Spend Memorial Day?

Memorial Day reminds us that warm weather, the big family BBQ, and a day off from work are all on their way. We decide who will make the potato salad, which floral shirt to wear, and above all where we will be spending our work-free day. What we may be forgetting, is the unforgettable gift that our veterans have given to us over the more than 200 years of United States History. In case these gifts have slipped your mind, this article will help you remember just exactly why we celebrate Memorial day, and why we honor the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country.

A Tribute to Freedom

"Freedom is Not an Entitlement, it has Been Earned on the Backs and Lives of the American Military Men and Women, and thus Deserves Our Respect and Highest Honor." —India Dee, 2011

Honoring American Veterans by honoring the American Flag.
Honoring American Veterans by honoring the American Flag. | Source

A List of Gifts Veteran's Have Given to the American People

  • Freedom of Religion : Offered by the wounded flesh of American veterans well before the Preacher ever spoke freely about denominations and beliefs, learning quickly to appreciate the freedom of religion.
  • Freedom of the Press : Derived from the veterans blood-soaked uniform prior to the news industry ever enjoying the ink stained freedom of the press.
  • Freedom of Speech : Found on the silent edge of a veterans sword long before any poet ventured to share rhythmic language through the freedom of speech.

  • Freedom to Assemble : Long before any campus organizer or rebel leader joined arms in protest, our brave veterans gathered together shoulder to shoulder, foxhole to foxhole, earning our country the freedom of assembly.
  • The Right to a Fair Trial : Don't look to the lawyers or the law makers when praising our right to a fair trial. It is the veteran who gave their final breath to balance the scales of justice, freeing the wrongfully accusted and protecting our right to a fair trial.
  • The Right to Vote : Standing vigilant guard over our land, they protect our freedom to choose our government. Here you will not find a single politician, but rather our U.S. veterans who give life and limb to maintain our American right to vote.

National Anthem by 5 Amazing Little girls!

Your Veteran's

Have you known, or do you know, a veteran who served his/her country honorably?

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Honoring Our American Lost Souls on Memorial Day

Our veterans have the honor of saluting the American flag, and our veterans also have the honor of a flag draped casket, given to them because of their selfless sacrifice to protect the freedoms and rights of the United States of America. So, you must enjoy your day off from work; you must enjoy your right to assemble around the family BBQ; and you must enjoy the wonderful American right to be free this Memorial day. Each of our veterans have fought hard and long for you to do these things, and will be honored to know you have not let these rights go to waste or be neglected. But throughout the day please, take a moment to remember our veterans on their day, on their land, and for their sacrifice.

Military Service Members Overseas

Those who still serve over seas can't take part in the honor of this day on their own soil, so remember to show them your gratitude for their continued sacrifices. Know that these military men and women will remember to faithfully memorialize our lost veterans this May 28. As they do, It is our United States citizenship's responsibility to don the grateful smile of freedom these many have won for each of us. As citizens we may not wear a uniform provided by our government, but we retain the right to serve our flag and country. To do otherwise would be disgraceful to our military service people who have served, who still serve, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of life. This Memorial holiday is to honor, in high regard and respect, these brave souls to whom we owe everything.

Be sure to show your appreciation for the American Veteran on this Memorial day.

Veterans Day Freedom Honored

Memorial Day Freedom Graphic
Memorial Day Freedom Graphic | Source



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