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Memorial Day Celebrates

Updated on May 23, 2016

Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday set aside in order to recognize those that have died while serving our great nation. This day is a day of remembrance. The men and women that died paid a great sacrifice in order for America to keep its freedoms. All government offices that are not fundamentally important to keep our government running are closed this day. Schools are closed as well as some federal government offices. Several businesses may not be open in order to recognize those fallen soldiers.

Similar to the 4th of July, this day is a day of mourning and of celebration. As American people, we should reflect back on the American Civil War as an honor to those that died on the Union and Confederate sides. We should recognize the inabilities for each of our American sides to understand one another, thus, costing many men. We should recognize this so that we do not repeat the history of murder over human classification again. We should realize that all men are created equal in the sights of God. This war was fought over the issue with the south leaving the United States Union and over the issue of slavery. The south did not have the same beliefs over slavery as the north did. The south still had embedded beliefs that slavery should exist while the north was fighting against the actions of slavery. The north was able to obtain a sense of human dignity while the south was still stuck in the same patterns that most of the world was in at this time. Slavery was issue with most countries as it had been going on for centuries, even during the biblical times, with many different races. The reason this war was different was because this was war in which brother was against brother. This is very saddening because if either side had come to an understanding of one another, this war may not have occurred, and we may not be mourning their deaths but celebrating their agreements.

Celebrating Memorial Day is celebrating the lives of those that gave their lives in order to protect others over themselves. They believed in the greater good of mankind. They paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect what they believed in. America is filled with different ideologies and recognizing one another’s life experiences along with understanding is the freedom that can be achieved through the American spirit. We believe in unity. We have the freedom to agree but to disagree. We have the freedoms that most countries want to take away because they are afraid of what they do not understand. Memorial Day should be the day to recognize how as a nation we can come together, while we may differ on opinions, instead of being in war with one another, to keep our country united. The men that died in this war would want us to come together and recognize one another as human beings rather than a separate race of people. We should respect their death as one of union and celebrate their errors, so that we do not repeat their past.


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