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Men's Christmas Gifts Ideas

Updated on December 15, 2013

Christmas is a time for joyous celebration, exchanging gifts, and meeting and partying with family, friends, and loved ones. It is a time of the year that is eagerly awaited by people throughout the world. Giving gifts is one of the ways in which people can share the seasonal joys. It is an integral part of Christmas. Some Christmas gift ideas for men are listed below:

  • Clothing: It a great idea to gift apparels for fashion conscious men. You can opt for ties, formal shirts or tuxedos. You may purchase t-shirts with personalized messages. In case you are a good artist, you may also paint the message with fabric acrylics. You may buy a snazzy blazer in his favorite color or brand. Christmas is also a great time to gift winter jackets to men. In case you are not sure of his aesthetics then you can go for a gift voucher.
  • Gadgets:It is very easy to choose a Christmas gift for gadget aficionados. You can opt for varied items of technology such as netbooks, smartphones, e-book readers for voracious readers or iPods for those who love music.
  • Digital camera: Continuing on the line of gadgets, digital cameras also make great Christmas gifts for men. If you are presenting the camera to your boyfriend, then you may surprise him by transferring a few photos of the two of you to the new camera. High-end digital cameras will allow men to capture all their memories in high quality and even help pursue other long-forgotten hobbies.
  • Different accessories: Men are very fond of accessories. Hence, leather belts, watches, wallets, gloves, sunglasses, etc. make great gift choices for men during Christmas. You may buy an assortment of accessories, or you can go for one unique accessory. Personalize the accessories by attaching messages on them.In case the study or office table is empty or bare, then you can gift accessories such as book stands, table lamps or pen stands. Women can give photo frames along with pictures of the best moments spent together to their partners. Opt for something that is colorful and which stands out on the table.
  • Colognes: Colognes have always remained in the top ten list of Christmas gifts for men. They can often be expensive, but the occasion comes only once a year. So there is no harm in indulging your man. Musky fragrances are very masculine and preferred by all men.
  • Shaving kit or tool box: A shaving set includes shaving creams or gels, pre-shave oils, brushes and razors. You can also include an aftershave balm or lotion as well as other cosmetics for men. Opt for the best brands while searching for shaving kits to gift men during Christmas. A tool box is another great Christmas gift option for men. If you see that the current toolbox has become outdated, then surprise your man with a brand new toolbox. He will definitely be thrilled.
  • Leather goods: Leather accessories and products also make great Christmas gifts for men. Leather has a certain masculine quality to it. Leather wallets and belts are not the only leather items that you can gift. You can choose from a wide variety of choices including leather bags, haversacks, laptop bags, commander bags, duffel bags or leather covers for the smartphone. A combo pack consisting of belts, wallets, bags, mobile cover, etc. will make a delightful Christmas gift for men.
  • Passes or tickets: Passes or tickets to a concert or a sports event is another fantastic Christmas gift idea for men. You can surprise him with a ticket to a concert that he has always wanted to attend, or take him to a game of baseball, basketball or football. Other good options include tickets for movies, adventure parks etc.
  • Exercise or sports gear: A man is most likely to forget everything when he is gifted sporting or exercising equipment. The latter will delight health conscious men, while the former will thrill sports aficionados. A baseball bat or gloves, a set of golf clubs, a tennis racket, or a great pair of running shoes are some options that you can go for. In case you want to splurge, then a treadmill is a wonderful option.
  • Movie DVDs: Most men are also movie buffs. You can gift a set of movie DVDs to add to their enviable collection. You can choose between recent releases or classics or varied genres such as sci-fi, love stories, action movies, comedies, etc. If you are not aware of the kind of movies liked by him, then consult with a close friend and surprise him with a bouquet of movie DVDs.
  • Vacations: A surprise holiday will make a great Christmas gift for loved men in your life, like your dad, husband, son or partner. You can travel to a hill resort, Florida, or the sunny Caribbean Islands.


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