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A Man's Guide to Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Updated on January 8, 2011
Always go for the shop gift wrapping
Always go for the shop gift wrapping

Stop the last minute scramble

While women are born to shop, and do it with seemingly great ease, us men take a more laid back approach to the festive season. Although, shopping for your loved one at the last minute in a blind panic on Christmas Eve, seconds before the shops close, is not laid back at all. There Is only days left to the big day, so why not take the stress out of that special purchase, and do it now. No, don’t leave it.

Getting Organised :

This year is the year you are going to be organised. Now a lot of men are clueless as to what to their loved ones this year, even though she has probably be dropping major hints for the last few months. This takes us nicely to the first thing you need to do to get it right. Remember, the whole success of her and your Christmas day could hinge on you delivering the right present.

Listen :

Most people give out ‘give aways’ all the time. Your job is to be tuned into her. She has been advertising what she wants in her own subtle way. She has probably told you a few times already, but you were not really listening, were you? Tune in now and get it right. You can ask her outright, to make sure you are on the right track, but most women like to be surprised.

Planning :

Now you know what you are getting, don’t leave it to the last moment to purchase that gift. Christmas eve is not the best time to buy as it may be all ready out of stock. The latest you should leave it is the week before.

Shop Around :

Another mistake us gentlemen make is to walk into the first shop we come to, and buy the present there. It pays to shop around, not only for price, but you could get better value. Your loved one’s favourite expensive perfume often comes in Christmas packs, which includes shower gel and moisturiser for example. This pack is better than just the bottle of perfume on its own.

Timing :

Try not to make it dead obvious that you going out to buy her Christmas present. Do it discreetly, so it will leave her guessing if you have been out to buy her something. Also, while you are at it, hide it really well, as women are notorious present hunters while you are out of the house or apartment.

Back-up Plan :

Have a back up plan in terms of another present, just in case it all goes wrong, and you cannot get her original one, because they are sold out. Again, you should have been listening for those vital clues.

Gift Wrapping :

Many shops offer gift wrapping - swallow your pride and take the offer. It might be free or a few dollar/pounds more, but you can never wrap that present as good as a shop assistant can. Your loved one will be more impressed on Christmas morning.

Delivery :

Just don’t dump her special Christmas present unceremoniously under the Christmas tree among the rest. No, save this one until Christmas morning for a special personal delivery to her. It will be appreciated.

Finally :

Don’t make the fatal mistake that many men fall into of simply buying some naughty sexy underwear (again) or something for the kitchen or house, unless she really expresses an interest in receiving these items. Again, listening for those clues is the guide for a successful Christmas day.

Happy Christmas Shopping…


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