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Happy Holidays! - Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To All My HubPages Friends

Updated on February 07, 2017
Happy Holidays - Christmas Cheers And Best Wishes For A Bright And Prosperous New Year 2017! - Prospero Año Felicidad! - Feliz Navidad - To Your Dad ... And Mum As Well!
Happy Holidays - Christmas Cheers And Best Wishes For A Bright And Prosperous New Year 2017! - Prospero Año Felicidad! - Feliz Navidad - To Your Dad ... And Mum As Well!

Let's Celebrate! - Seasons Greetings And Happy Holidays!

I would like to wish all my HubPages friends a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. These wishes go out all the hubbers in my fan club and to those on HubPages whom I have befriended over the past few years. Warmest greetings and best wishes for Xmas and the New Year. Happy holidays to everyone!

I wish all of you and your families great peace and prosperity, great success, great good fortune and right knowledge. I wish your pets the best of luck too, whether they be cats, dogs, horses, squirrels, elephants, rhinos, or even reptiles!

I do not know whom to start with as I admire each and every one of you guys and gals for your special talents, for your knowledge, sense of humor, and a whole lot of other positive attributes which are quite voluminous. I will not speak about these attributes here ... lest the servers of HubPages explode!

I am also much indebted for the encouraging remarks I receive via email, and for the interesting, informative, valuable and complementary comments left on my article pages.

Frankly I am privileged to know you all and the least I can do to express my profound gratitude to each and every one of you is to publish this message online containing references to most of my HubPages friends individually with a link to your profile pages so that readers could have a glimpse of what is in store for them for their very own benefit.

If I have left out any, it's not by intent, it's just that I am at a terrible loss for words. You see, it's only words and words are all I have to steal ... !!! ...... (Apologies to the Bee Gees!)

So here we go!

Greetings And Best Wishes For The Year 2013 - Happy Holidays - iFelices Fiestas!
Greetings And Best Wishes For The Year 2013 - Happy Holidays - iFelices Fiestas! | Source
Seasons Greetings - Happy Holidays - Merry Xmas And Happy New Year To Everyone!
Seasons Greetings - Happy Holidays - Merry Xmas And Happy New Year To Everyone!

Mistletoe And Wine - Cliff Richards

Top Ten Christmas Songs

Mariah Carey Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas

So, This Is Christmas - Celine Dion

The Ambiance Of The Festive Season! - Celebrate!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

2015 - Christmas Decorations Galore!

Have Great Fun In 2015!
Have Great Fun In 2015!


please do not copy any of the content or images on this page
please do not copy any of the content or images on this page

How Much Do You Know About Xmas And The New Year?

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How Do You Respond To The Festive Ambiance?

Do You Celebrate Christmas Or The New Year?

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Warmest Wishes To All My HubPages Friends Starting With ...

Cgull8m, is an expert on the affairs of Google. Read his articles about Google applications and you sure will rise above the rest.

is a cool smart dude with a great knack for e-commerce and computers. His many articles on varied topics should interest you. Of late he's begun to like history and now writes about birthadays of great people. (I am baffled as to how he skipped my birthday though!)

Shalini Kagal, a very popular writer on HubPages, has thousands of fans, writes on topics ranging from self help to social sciences, and Bach remedies. Wrote a good one on economics and finance too ...

Signor Licino, "Master Of All Trades." as described by a very popular hubress whom I have already spoken of, has ridden off into the sunset having written two thousand five hundred articles right here. Wow! What an achievement! Can you match that? Sez he won't come back, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that should "lure" him back. I am doing my best! Keep watching the east!

Feline Prophetess writes intellectual stuff, but I read them all. I strongly advise that you should do likewise!

Dotty One, a great and popular hubress has not published recently, but all her articles are available online, just one click away.

Wandererh always brings a smile with his great sense of humor reflected in all his writings. You MUST visit his hubs ... and stay there!

Nancy's Niche has some very great articles on some serious issues and if you have not read any of them you really don't know what you are missing.

ShibaShake with her "collection" of designer dogs, is another great hubbress I would like to thank. Hi Shiba! Please say "ngyaew" to ShaniaInu, ShibaInu, to WhatsiznehmInu and to all the other dogs and doglets in your "collection!"

BeatsMe writes about technology, health, fashion, dance, and many other interesting topics. Beats me as to how she manages this variety.

BrianS is from old blightey, lives in France and has many an interesting article on travel and holiday destinations. Check them out, you'll be glad you did!

Tatjana-Mihaela, proficient in Reiki, writes on health and social issues too. Her well researched hubs should interest you.

Her Majesty Queen Cleopatra II (Czarina) hails from the capital of Philippines, has some interesting articles about the Philippines and some hubs that contain really great pictures too.

BrightForYou writes, plays golf, likes cats, does counseling, psychotherapy & hypnotherapy ... well check out her hubs.

AEvans has a variet of hubs mostly on personal experiences, many of them are sure to interest you.

Jimmy Watkins is a musician. He is also a historian and a jolly good writer on social stuff. He's talented, he sure is. Want proof? Click and see for yourself!

Waynet the artist will show you how to draw just about anything ... even money from an ATM machine!

Paraglider, erudite, intelligent, cricketer, guitarist, rationalist, fair dealing, cool ... if you wanna know more about him, well ... he is just one mouse click away!

Prasierto from Indonesia has enough insight to know what is current and keeps his fans happy with the latest all round news.

Gypsy Willow writes poetry as well. Check her out right here.

DynamicS believes that the world is a great university. Great indeed. Read her articles that match her interests.

Veronica Allen is another great writer from HubPages. Just check out her profile pages ...

stevemark122000 - Health, the most important topic. SteveMark has articles on HubPages on all health topics.

Skye2day has some real cool articles offering encouragement to just about anybody at all whatever your gripe may be. Check out skye2day today itself!

Soni, or Rajinder Soni as he is known, writes on health, on food, nutrition, scientific stuff ... well much more. Check him out and you will know!

CreateAPage creates interesting pages on HubPages too. At the time of writing, CreateAPage has created 52 pages on HubPages alone. A teacher by profession, she writes on positive stuff, encouragement for all.

MagicStarER ia a writer, webmaster, and activist, who lives in rural Kentucky.

BkCreative is from brooklyn, and right now has 150 articles on some very interesting topics.

Hglick ... Music, baseball, and horse racing are some of Hglick's hobbies. Naturally expect articles on these topics.

Blondepoet. She's from Aussie, is blond and likes to write poetry ... I won't tell you more. Check her out.

Cathi Sutton has interesting articles right here which inlude topics like art and life in the 70s.

Beth is right here. Her articles are on several subjects from different categories. Some of them are Home Furnishings, First Aid Tips, Health & Medicine, Farm Animals and Livestock, Weight Loss Tips, Entertainment, and more. Check them out yourself.

Einron has a B.A. degree from the University of Toronto, her interests includes writing, plants, fitness Christianity ...

Manna In The Wild is a brilliant guy when it comes to physics, mathematics, and possibly many more topics. He'll tell you exactly what you wanna know about the GOD-particle, about Higgs-Bosun, about the Hadron Collider and more ...

William F. Torpey is a former newspaper editor. A great fan of Bing Crosby. The music of yester year? Of course, you will find many articles on music that you can access via his profile page.

Buddygallagher is from Manila. Weight reduction, music and a variety of other topics is what she has covered right here on HubPages.

kashmir56 is Tom. likes music beaches, writing, riding ... Hi Tom! Are you having a great day? :)

Lady Guinevere writes on a wide range of topics. Check out list of topics she writes on via her profile page.

The Old Firm is a great guy ... from New Zealand (The land of the All Blacks rugby team!)

Life Iz Beautiful is a cheerful young lazy ... a star in the making ... radiates warmth, but she's cool!

Teaches 12345 has some interesting articles. Check 'em out!

Writer Fox is my newest HubPages friend. He's an expert on Search Engine Optimization. Check out his articles and optimize all your hubs for the search engines!

Andrew Spacey joins in. You've got to check out his fascinating articles!

BuildReps is here too. Just read his articles ... they are indeed fascinating!


Check out the sites of these talented people. Clicking will launch their profile pages in new windows!

tell us how you feel about holiday seasons ... what special arrangements you make ... tell us how you plan to celebrate ...
tell us how you feel about holiday seasons ... what special arrangements you make ... tell us how you plan to celebrate ...

Santa Claus, Hang On A While Please!

I have been on HubPages for over five years and I am glad I enrolled here for the very reason that I am able to access the thoughts of people from various parts of the world while being afforded the opportunity to present my thoughts to everyone, for their judgement.

The variety of topics that are available on HubPages has enriched my knowledge and I have even developed interest in topics in which I had no previous interest. I am grateful to the dozens of hubbers and 'hubresses' whose articles have helped to improve my knowledge and re-instate my dwindling interest in the written word!

To such I would like to say that even if I have never left a comment in your Hubs after having read your articles, or even if I had forgotten to hit the "thumbs up" button, or even if I have not had the courtesy of following you, don't get me wrong! I am truly very much indebted to YOU too!

So once again I would like to thank all those who have made comments on my article pages and for the wonderful opportunity you guys and gals have given me to get to know you via your writings. I could go on and on ... but, I have to stop right here as I am still at a loss for words ... !!!

So ... to all HubPages authors, to HubPages admin, and to those readers who arrive here via search engines, recommendations, shared links etc, I would like to wish Happy holidays, Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year!

..... concluded


Joy To The World - Peace - Prosperity - Blessings To All!

Christmas Songs - 3 Hour Medley

Amazing Grace Christmas House!

© 2010 quicksand


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    • Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

      Tatjana-Mihaela 6 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

      Wow, so nice to see you here again - I wish you also very Merry Xmass and the happiest New Year! You have always been so inspiring and supportive!

      Peace, love and hugs

      .....and many thanks for mentioning me here - I am very honored and deeply touched!

    • Feline Prophet profile image

      Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

      Intellectual stuff?!! Don't be fooled by the name! :D

      Wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year too, quicksand!

      Thank you for including me in your list! It's been a pleasure interacting with you and reading your hubs - do stay away from the dogs this year! :)

    • Dottie1 profile image

      Dottie1 6 years ago from MA, USA

      I may not have published lately, well over a year now, while still involved helping on another project and ongoing, I have been truly blessed with my hubs tripling in value without any maintaining. Not sure when I'll be back but I'm sure glad I am able to connect with you this morning of Christmas Eve to receive your good cheers quicksand and to wish you the very best this Christmas season and waaayyy beyond the coming year! Now time to grab a milkshake and relax! Woof Woof!

    • shibashake profile image

      shibashake 6 years ago

      A BIG merry "ngyaew" to you too! Shania sends you some very wet licks - I know you love those. Sephy sends you a BIG WOOF WOOF!

      See you next year!

    • The Old Firm profile image

      The Old Firm 6 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

      Merry Christmas quicksand.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Hi Tanja! Thanks for responding and for the kind words!

      Hi Feline Prophetess! It's been great knowing you! Er ... got any intellectual stuff lined up for your fans this year? !!!

      Hi Dottie, Good to hear from you again! Cheers!

      Hi Shiba, thanks! May your dogs be blessed with dozens of puppies in 2011!

      Hi TOF! Thanks for the visit and thanks for your wishes too!

    • Peter Denly profile image

      Peter Denly 6 years ago

      Wishing you a Happy New Year 2011!

    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 6 years ago from India

      Hi my dear friend - thank you, thank you! I'm honoured and touched. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a super year ahead! And if you can get Signor Licino back - that would make the new year perfect!

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Hi Shal, thanks for the kind words. Sure, I'll get Signor Licino back. Keep watching the eastern horizon!

      Have a great year 2011! :)

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 6 years ago from West By God

      Wow what a nice message to end this year and begin the next. Thanks for adding me to your list. There are alot of nice hubbers on that list too.

      You have a Grand New Year too.....sorry to late for the Merry Christmas. I hope it was good and filled with love of family and friends.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Hi Lady Guinevere, thanks for commenting. Delighted to be able to get most of those great hubbers including you in the list. Have a great New Year! :)

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

      I am so honored to have been mentioned in your Hub, my friend. I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Hi James, featuring you right here is indeed a great pleasure. Thanks for commenting too! Best wishes to you as well!

    • profile image

      kims3003 6 years ago

      You are a dear to mention me in this hub. I can's thank you enough - I just now became aware of it and apologize for missing it. Thanks so very much - this is a lovely hub. You are a talented writer.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 years ago

      Jeez! Thanks for the kind words, Kims! :)

    • blondepoet profile image

      blondepoet 5 years ago from australia

      Awww I just saw this. Oh you are so lovely did you know xxxxxxxxxxx Merry Xmas for this year darling

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 5 years ago

      Hi BlondPoet, good to see you again! Merry XMas and Happy New Year 2U2!

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend just wanted to stop by and wish you a awesome Christmas and New Year !

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 5 years ago

      Wish you the same Tom! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    • profile image

      chakraveer singh 4 years ago

      happy new year 2013

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 4 years ago

      Thank you, and wish you the same! :)

    • The Old Firm profile image

      The Old Firm 4 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

      Hi quicksand. A belated thanks for the Christmas message, and wishing you all the best for "13,


    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot, TOF! Have a great day. (Have as many as you can!)

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 2 months ago from England

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 7 weeks ago

      Oh yes, I had! And I haven't finished yet ... ! Many thanks for your visit!

    • The Old Firm profile image

      The Old Firm 7 weeks ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

      Hi quicksand,

      All the very best for the coming year. Good to hear from you again mate.


      The Even Older Old Firm.

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 6 weeks ago

      Jeeeez! It's nice to hear from you, Peter!

      You guys have been winning international matches in Cricket and Rugby for long spells! Keep it up.

      Best wishes to you for 2017, and thanks a lot for stopping by! :)

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