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Merry Christmas To Me

Updated on December 16, 2015

Christmas View

Nice picture of a Christmas tree
Nice picture of a Christmas tree | Source

It's not just in the giving but also in the getting

Looking online for stuff to get is easy with Amazon Prime. My reasoning this year is, there is so much talk of terrorism and flu bugs going on that I don't need to spend hours roaming around Walmart and Target when I can simply order my stuff for Christmas, online.

Amazon Prime membership allows me 2 day delivery, free and sometimes next day. I bought candy and perfume for my wife, a watch for myself and a new wiper blade for our car. I needed the new blade. I also ordered a part for our car so it would not be stuck in park and become so difficult to squeeze the button on the floor gear shift lever.

The part got installed, I also obtained 2 seasons of 'The Dead Zone' on DVD. But in spite of all this online shopping we did, in fact, end up shopping at both Walmart and Target to get other things we needed. So in spite of playing it smart and keeping Christmas simple by shopping online, we did go out to the crowded box stores around our city and find a few things we liked.

I might try to get more orders in before the Christmas deadline, but I may do my last minute Christmas shopping in real time at the local area retailers. I would never order hot coffee online, for instance. I like it hot so I still prefer to go out there, where the truth is, to Starbucks. I am still waiting for my Starbucks gold card.

Meanwhile, have a Christmas that is both safe and enjoyable but more enjoyable.


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