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Mickey Mouse Birthday Ideas For Wording On Mickey Mouse Invitations

Updated on June 1, 2011

Nowadays, birthdays just seem to be getting more and more elaborate. The birthday invite is, of course, a vital element to a successful party. If you are considering a Mickey Mouse birthday, and would like to dial things down a notch and create your own Mickey Mouse invitations, I've got a few ideas for some wording that you can incorporate to make them extra special. These ideas will certainly get the troops to start conversing about the fun and fabulous 1st birthday party that is on the horizon.

To instantly zero in on your theme, start by cutting out Mickey's head and infamous ears from black and cream construction papers. If you don't have the gift of free-hand drawing, you can easily use a coloring book picture for a pattern or download a Mickey head from the Internet. You can then either draw on his face using markers or opt for more construction paper.

Once this has been accomplished, you will want to write all of your party info on the reverse side. Be sure to include the party date, time, location, the RSVP name and number to contact, along with any special party instructions for your guests. For example, if you want the kids to come in costume, bring high chairs, dress code, etc.

The following are some ideas that you might want to consider using when creating your Mickey Mouse party invitations. They are just some fun wording options to help liven up your invites and let your guests know that they are being invited to one fun 1st birthday party.

M-I-C...See you real soon.
K-E-Y...Why? Because Our Little (Name) Is Turning 1!

Meeska, Mooska, Mouseketeers
Come one, come all,
Help us celebrate (Name's) 1st Birthday!

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse
There's a 1st birthday party at (Last Name's) Clubhouse.

There's gonna be a party
Guaranteed to be a blast.
Come on over and celebrate
So you're not downcast.
(Name) is turning 1!

A year has now passed
We've all had loads of fun.
Join the festivities as
(Name) now turns one!

(Name) is oh so cute and
Oh so sweet.
He's lots of fun
And he's now gonna be one!

Attention all Mouseketeers
(Name) is turning one
And the party is gonna be fun.
Get ready for a Mouse-A-riffic Time
Guaranteed to be anything but sublime!

Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse
No need to be Goofy
Just come to our house.
(Name) is turning one
And it's guaranteed to be fun!

Y'all are invited to join in on the fun
Did you know (Name) is turning one?

Come one, come all, we're gonna have a ball.
(Name) is turning one and we don't want you to Be AWOL!

I am sure your mind has started picking up words for your Mickey Mouse Party invitation.


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