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Minnesota Party: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Updated on December 11, 2016

Ugly Sweater

What is an ugly sweater you ask? It's that heavy, knitted shirt that has some design on it. Many have a Christmas theme. Some have embellishments such as sequins or ribbon. Some sweaters are an ugly color like dull green. Some have a crew neck collar. Some are misshapen.

Some are too short. Some are baggy.

Food and Fun

The food was awesome. Cookies, chips, salsa, guacamole dip, spam dip, some salads, roasted/smoked brisket, pork and I brought a jar of homemade pickled mushrooms for a dish to pass.

We played several games including dominoes and card games. There was good fun, good conversation and lots of good feelings.

Thrift Store

My first thought was that I don't even own an ugly sweater. Although, I could wear one of my current sweaters and endure the possibility of someone selecting my particular sweater as the winner.

I have heard that when you go to the thrift store to find that ugly sweater. You know, one that has been donated to the shop because someone died and left a pile of clothing... I have heard that they get horrendous prices for them, because people are looking for sweaters for these parties.

How disturbing!

Ugly Sweaters May be a Niche

You know the Gold Rush in the old days was where people went and tried to find gold in them 'there' hills.

The people who were looking for Gold didn't always find any. The people who really got rich, were the people who were selling things that the miners needed.

Things like shovels, pans, whisky, housing, socks, shoes, flannel shirts, jeans and perhaps pimping a few women who were willing to share a bed space for a bit of change.

Magazines Devoted to Ugly Sweaters

I googled ugly sweaters and you will pay through the nose for sweaters. I noticed that there was even a photo expose in 2012 for the Ugliest Sweaters posted by Collectors Weekly. That was an interesting bunch of sweaters.

Who would be caught dead in them is a question to ponder.

Ugly Sweater

Well. You can start with garage sales. People who sell clothing out of their house to get rid of it. Perhaps you'd run across an ugly sweater or two. Or not. Actually. I need two by Saturday, since our first Ugly Sweater party is at noon. I think my daughter is also having an Ugly Sweater party at her house.

It seems to be the type of party that everyone enjoys.

Can you google an ugly sweater? eBay? Amazon?

Oh. Guess what I found? I found a webpage that you can create your own ugly sweater. It's too late to do one for Christmas, but if you are willing to wait the 3 weeks it takes for them to create your sweater, you're in business.

Just for your information: you need to go Ugly Christmas Sweater and use their order screen. One sweater costs under one hundred dollars, but you can buy as many sweaters as you want. Wouldn't that be cute?

[Ooops, I mean, ugly?]

Menards Had Ugly Sweaters

I did not buy one or two. My husband was mad when he found out that we were there, there were some sweaters, Ugly Sweaters, and I did not mention them. Forgot to until we were out of the parking lot and on our way home. Too late to be mentioning something like that. I should have just kept quiet.

But, I did not.

The sign above them did in fact say Ugly Sweaters. I stopped and looked at them. They looked like they'd be scratchy and uncomfortable. I didn't look at the price. Probably should have. Was too much of a hurry to get to something on the list. Oh. well. It was one of those days that our water heater broke down, so we had to go to town to buy some thermostat and element parts for it.

Live and learn.


That is the question. How do you know if your sweater is ugly enough to participate. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't really matter.

Nope. It doesn't matter. You wore a sweater, you fit in. You participate. Nobody really cares, it's just all fun. The sweater that won was a sweater with knitted socks pinned on.


I went to Target and there they were. In a display, on shelves, marked Ugly Sweaters. There were a few kits to make your sweater uglier. I am assuming there were embellishments in the box. I found two sweaters that were fairly [shhhh] cute and bought them.

Job accomplished. Now. Back home and get ready for the party.

My Sweater
My Sweater | Source
The on/off switch, [Smile]
The on/off switch, [Smile] | Source
Lights!!!! | Source
My hubby's sweater. It's a Christmas present.
My hubby's sweater. It's a Christmas present. | Source
Label says Best Package Ever!!!
Label says Best Package Ever!!! | Source
Purchased at Target
Purchased at Target | Source

Someone Else's Party


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