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Modern Halloween Costumes for Kids

Updated on August 1, 2015

Kids love to dress up and use their imagination. Halloween is the perfect time for a kid to go wild with their imagination and dress up as their favorite character - or monster!

When I was a kid the 'store bought' Halloween costumes were very simple. Most of the time it was a cloth or vinyl cape of some sort and a thin plastic molded mask. Most of the kids around where I grew up didnt go to the store but wore home made costumes. Those who went to the Five and Dime or the Sundry Store might see a dozen different plastic masks and some of them coming with a cape or other prop.

These days the variety and different types of Halloween costumes for kids is amazing. And when my own children are going trick or treating, the costumes are much more detailed and even realistic looking.

I always enjoy browsing through the Halloween section of the store looking at the new gadgets, toys, decorations, props and Halloween costumes. They usually have a full aisle of nothing but kids costumes! A kid can dress up as something funny, something scary or as their favorite celebrity or just about anything in between.

I have seen kids dressed up as just about anything from a princess to an alien or from a zombie to a vampire. Last year I even saw a kid dressed up as a Jack-o-Lantern!

Did you ever wear a home made costume?

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Now that we have the Internet we can just go to a website and browse through hundreds and hundreds of different Halloween costumes.

Kids have an unbelievably huge range of choices in what they "want to be" for trick or treating or that Halloween party or any time a cool costume is in order.

Next Halloween give your kids a wide selection of different kids costume themes to choose from. Whether they like to be scary, funny or just cute they are more likely to find the exact costume they want when you are shopping at a place with a large selection of Halloween costumes.

My how things have changed from when I was a kid! I loved Halloween then but with some of this cool stuff I would have liked it even better!

I still buy some of the Halloween toys and props every year and the collection grows.

Is Trick or Treating the best part of all the Halloween celebrations?

The folks who sit on their porches or at their door handing out the treats are having as much fun as the children who are collecting the treats!

When you are handing out the treats to the trick-or-treaters all dressed up in their costumes and masks, and all excited about everything that's going on around them. They are wearing costumes, masks, make-up and carrying swords and daggers and magic wands.

Everywhere they look there are monsters and vampires and movie stars and royalty. The yards and porches are lit up and decorated and the smell of Autumn is ripe in the air. Ahhhh! I can hardly wait! As I write this Halloween is just a few weeks away.

Halloween can be a lot of fun no matter what your age is but to me nothing can make Halloween more fun than enjoying it with your children.

The first time you take your kid out they are generally very timid. The world seems so big and mysterious already and now here are all these wild distractions and attractions!

As the years go by they become more accustomed to the scary and the strange (don't we all!) and have a great time. You just can't explain the joy you get watching your child say "trick or treat" for the first time unless you have experienced it. It's just one of those things, or is it just me?

And picking out their first Halloween costume? That is priceless too. This Halloween there will be a child in our house who will get to experience Halloween - and be old enough to know at least some of whats going on - for the first time.

That's what its all about really. Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays... The important thing is the time spent together SO HAVE FUN with your family and your friends this Halloween and always!

Vintage Kids Halloween Costumes

Check out these old vintage kids Halloween costumes!

I wonder how many kids would wear one of these today?

They were considered VERY cool back in "the day"

Do you remember costumes like these?

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