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60th Birthday Ideas for Mom

Updated on November 3, 2017
Photo album of her beloved and cute  grandchildren will surely make mom happy.
Photo album of her beloved and cute grandchildren will surely make mom happy.
Make mom smile with your memorable moments captured in lasting photos, sweet pics or selfies.
Make mom smile with your memorable moments captured in lasting photos, sweet pics or selfies.

In honor of Mother's love . . . 60th birhday ideas

Simple, yet, creative and loving gift ideas for mom can't definitely go wrong because those will make her feel pretty special. As the giver, whatever makes you feel special within you . . . that will be the perfect gift because it comes from your heart! When something comes from the purity of one's heart, the right or wrong principle won't simply apply. A mere platitude? Or too cheesy? But it does work! Prove me wrong. Just keep on reading and specific gift ideas follow. This is just laying the groundwork to make you dig deeply and dissuading you from merely staying in your head.

Mom strikes a sweet and soft chord in us, doesn't she? Then, for a brief moment, let's loosen up and be a little retro and impassioned for her.

Would anyone care to make any day become a Mother's day? Mother’s love is so special because this lady's entire life has been dedicated beyond measure to make life specially beautiful for her loved ones, and more often exceedingly and lavishly given to us . . . her beloved children. And that lady, is, of course, the one we fondly call mom.

Mom normally gives her child the first touch, kiss, hug and affection. As babies and toddlers, seldom that she'd allow us to skip her watchful eyes and gentle hands. Through the years, Imperfect though that she may had been at times, she has remained the woman that painstakingly nurtured us through our every stages of growth from innocence to maturity. And now that our special lady is about to turn 60, what would be the best 60th birthday gift for her? It is Mother's Day, how would I express my love and let her and the world know of my deep gratitude and affection for her?

Show love with fresh flowers.

Your mom may be aged but fresh roses do not know age. Every woman of any age would love fresh flowers.
Your mom may be aged but fresh roses do not know age. Every woman of any age would love fresh flowers.

Doing the selection . . . some birthday gift ideas

Questions to ask yourself in order to come up with the perfect gift:

What will make mom happy that will fit my time and budget?

Here are some suggestions:

a) Some family surprises! - A vacation? A surprise party? A family lunch out or dinner? A spa? A concert or movie tickets for her and dad or with the family?

b) Some classy and artsy or healthy stuff- A painting or a painting class? A gift shopping certificate in a book store or needle craft store she loves? A bunch of fresh flowers and a special cake? A paid membership to a club of her interest (sports club, book club, fitness club, art club, gourmet cooking class, etc.)

c) Something new for her to enjoy- A particular gift item that she will be able to enjoy like a piece of jewelry? A new television? A new bed? A book? A new ipad or tablet? A new camera? A new outfit? A new handbag? A new pair of shoes? A new pair of eyeglasses?

d) Something personal, creative, somewhat cheesy but heartfelt - A song? A poem? A phone call? A special massage from you? Or forgiveness spoken or unspoken, just be there present, holding her hands and staying by her side for a little while or longer?

Just a sample song: This heart-melting song is a fitting tribute to mothers. "Carry on, carry on. Don't give up, trust in God . .. "

More grandiose gifts will always be appreciated- Maybe a combination of any the above items / tips plus hugs and kisses?

Honest answers to this seemingly simple question would require quite a deep knowledge, observations and noticing up close of your mom's mood, character, favorites and preferences. You may ask around, from your siblings, father, friends, if you'd need some help.

Having chosen from the above suggestions, or any other gift ideas that may have been triggered by the list, go back to your selections or short list and imagine or play in your mind how would each be like while being given to your mom? How does it look and how does it feel like? See the smile on her face and the people around. Feel it in your heart. Finally, go for the one that will give you and/ or her the most feeling of happiness and joy.

No matter what gift idea you may have finally chosen, big ticket or small item, just make sure to feel it special in your heart and give it with deep affection, then, your mother will know for sure and will appreciate your love the rest of her life. After all, giving may not only for her, it will be more for you. In giving we find our true self and celebrate life.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." - Mother Teresa

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

Last but not the least: throw out the window too much clinging to your expectations, allowing more space around your gift giving and receiving moments. Whatever the reaction of your mom would be as regards your gift . . . be it happiness, just a simple smile, or no reaction at all . . . let it be and let her be, deep inside though maybe unexpressed, be assured she's happy and thankful. You have already done great by going thru the process; thus, the goodwill, the fruits of your efforts such as the joy, and thrills are already your own rewards. In this respect, your kind understanding by not holding any grudge will be your best gift to your mom.

Make every day a Mother's Day! Nothing fancy or on a shoestring budget? A birthday cake could say a lot about your love for her.
Make every day a Mother's Day! Nothing fancy or on a shoestring budget? A birthday cake could say a lot about your love for her.

Remembering my mother

My mother is a very prayerful and religious woman. She sets aside a special hour every day, usually in the morning, for her prayer time. That’s why altar candles are always in her shopping list.

One of my mom’s favorite activities is going to church on Sundays and Fridays. My mom’s favorite flower Is sampaguita. She buys sampaguita leis from the vendor every time she attends church services. And during Good Fridays, she buys a lot of sampaguita to adorn the altar to be used by the family for the religious rite.

She likes maroon because that’s the color of her dress or habit whenever she goes to church. You won’t see her wearing any other dress color except maroon with yellow cord wrap around her waist. That is the color for the devotees of Quiapo’s Black Nazarene, of which she is an avid devotee. But she can no longer join the religious procession for the Black Nazarene every 9th of January. There have been millions of devotees joining the procession and taking part at the fiesta’s merrymaking. Her knees have been weakened by the years and won’t last the long route traverse by the procession and the rowdy crowd. She has just contented herself going to church to silently pray her rosary.

On her 60th birthday, she just loved to be taken to Quaipo church again to pray, then, for the family to eat together a simple meal of pansit (noodles), fried chicken and of course, her favorite . . . ube and buco ice cream. No one can dictate or argue with what will make her happy, not a huge party nor a fancy jewelry . . . for only she can determine it for herself. And I am so happy, too!

A Song for Mom! Come on . . . sing to Mom! Let the whole family join in the fun.


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