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Money Cant Buy Christmas

Updated on December 8, 2019

Money Cant Buy Christmas

Holidays like Christmas and special celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries can be a lot of fun and give us many wonderful memories.

Memories of family get togethers, gatherings of friends, and special times with those you care about. Unfortunately, these "special" days often bring folks more stress than joy.

Have you ever said to yourself or your loved ones something like, "next year Christmas is going to be better because we will have more money" or "if only we had more money we could have a good Christmas"?

Don't make Christmas about money! Christmas can be a special, almost magical time of the year and there is so much that we can do to make Christmas a happy time for ourselves as well as for others.

There's no doubt that buying gifts costs money, and most of us want to give nice presents to our friends and loved ones. There's nothing wrong with buying gifts, but we should think more about love and friendships and spending real quality time together than we do about the presents. Happy times spent together will create many fond memories that will stay with us and warm our hearts long after the presents have been forgotten.

The Gift Giving Competition

Often gift giving has become a competition of sorts. Have you ever known of or been involved with people who actually compete with each other to get the "best" gift or the most expensive present? It's as if those who do this gain some prestige by spending the most on gifts or they feel that the measurement of love is in giving the best gifts.

Gift giving should not be a competition. When you buy, or make, gifts for loved ones do it with care and thought and not worry about what others will give.

Dont Judge Christmas by the Gifts!

Unfortunately, because of the way most children are raised and because of the far reaching influence of the advertisers and retailers a lot of children today judge a holiday like Christmas by the number of gifts they received.

When a child is very young you can get by with 25 cheap gifts from the Dollar Store. Wow! Now that is a lot of gifts to get from one person! But what will the child do with all those toys? Those that are not quickly forgotten will probably be broken. And the child will be learning that Christmas means lots of presents to open.

By the time the next Christmas season rolls around last years gifts are all but forgotten and its time for another big pile.

Every year the child expects to see a lot of presents under that tree, that's what you have been teaching them from the beginning. Soon cheap presents aren't acceptable any more and children are often disappointed and even made fun of by their peers for not getting everything they wanted or not getting the proper brand names.

It's a vicious circle that all starts by teaching our children that the presents are the reason for holidays and celebrations.

Have You Ever Went Into Debt or Gotten Behind on Your Bills for Christmas?

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Millions of Americans Go in Debt for Christmas!

Many of us borrow money, use our credit cards, or even let a few bill go over due just so we can buy as many presents as we can.

How many people borrow money or run up their credit cards to buy Christmas gifts? How many even let a few bills go late? The truth is that millions of Americans find themselves a little deeper in debt and/or behind on their regular bills every January.

Is this what Christmas is all about? Getting stressed over money and picking out gifts? No, and please don't let this describe your Christmas. If you can save a little money all year round for the holidays that can be a big help. But regardless of whether you save up for it or not you should sit down with pen and paper and figure out a budget that you can handle without borrowing or going in debt and stick to it. Make Christmas at your house about family times together and not about the shiny presents.

It's OK to spend money on gifts during the holidays. Just don't make money and gifts the reason for the season. If you buy your child three nice presents that they will truly like and use they will appreciate them much more than if you bought them 25 gifts. When any of us, especially children, receive too much at once we have a tendency not to appreciate what we have. Most children love to open one present after another often barely looking at what they have already opened.

If you have young children get them accustomed to receiving only a few gifts. You will not be depriving them nor being cruel in any way. With recipients of all ages try to think about one or two special gifts instead of a bunch of them regardless of your budget.


The Reason for the Christmas Season?

So what is the reason for the season?

For some it is about remembering the birth of Christ and honoring his birth, though in reality Christmas truly has little or nothing to do with Christianity. But that doesn't matter.

Whether people feel that Christmas is about Christ, Santa Claus, both, or neither; most will agree that it is a time of love and celebration of being together.

A lot of people have friends and loved ones they rarely get to see except for on special occasions like Christmas when they make a special effort to gather together. Often people travel many miles to go "home" for Christmas.

What is Christmas About For You?

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Ask Yourself These Questions About Christmas

Before the next Christmas season rolls around take a look at your habits and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I making Christmas about money and teaching my children the same?
  • What is really important for me and my family and/or friends?
  • Do I want my children to grow up valuing the gifts or happy times together?

Buy as many presents as you would like to, but do not spend more than you can afford to in some attempt to "buy" happiness or a "good Christmas".

Having money can help, but it cannot buy the happiness and love that family and friends can give you; those things you will treasure for many years to come.

Wishing you a happier Christmas than ever before in the coming years! Happy with the important things in life like love, family and friendship and thankful for it all!


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