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Money as a Wedding Gift: How Much to Give

Updated on October 7, 2015
Money as a Wedding Gift: How Much Money to Give
Money as a Wedding Gift: How Much Money to Give

Money as a wedding gift. It's what every bride and groom wants but is afraid to ask for.

If you are going to a wedding and wondering how much money to give as a wedding gift, this hub will give you dollar amount guidelines in US dollars, based on a middle-class income.

When you are giving money as a wedding gift, how much you give depends upon whether it is for a sister/brother/relative, friend, or extra wedding guest. It also depends on what your budget can afford in general.

For a Son/Daughter

If you have not paid for your child's wedding or contributed a major dollar amount towards it, then giving between $250 and $1,000 is an appropriate and generous wedding gift amount, whether you are very close or estranged. If you have paid for the food, catering hall, ceremony, wedding gown, or honeymoon, then you do not need to give your child money as a gift.

More brides and grooms than ever are seeking money as a wedding present instead of items from a gift registry, and are looking for ways to ask for it without feeling self-conscious. You can help a lot by simply giving cash without question.

Special gifts for the bride that plans to become a housewife:

A woman that decides to take on a traditional role in the house as a homemaker can benefit from a cash gift or these other gifts that give her that extra financial edge, or are also domestically thoughtful.

  • A check in her name only for her own savings account. Housewives often manage the household finances, but sometimes forget to put money aside for themselves. Your check will get her started on the right track.

  • A gift transfer of stock in her name. Housewives need investments too. Stock and mutual fund gifts will be the start to a solid financial future.

  • A full year's share in a produce co-op. This will keep the housewife's kitchen stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables she can cook healthy, wholesome meals with.

  • A gift card to a department store that has a large variety of household goods. This way, she can purchase kitchen items, d├ęcor, or even special clothes and jewelry for herself.

For a Sister/Brother's Wedding

Give between $100 and $250.

For a Nephew/Niece

Give between $100 and $500, depending upon how close you are.

For a Cousin/Other Family Member

$50 to $100 is appropriate, depending upon your closeness.

For a Best Friend

$100 is the perfect wedding gift.

Extra Wedding Guest

$50 is an appropriate gift when you are going to a wedding with someone, but you are not close to the bride or groom.

How much money to give as a wedding gift when you are short on money:

If your budget simply cannot handle the dollar amounts above, try to give as close as you can to a $50 contribution.

If you have no money at all to give and are not close to the bride or groom, consider not going to the wedding. With times as tight as they are, there are many people who simply cannot afford to buy an outfit to go to a wedding, give a wedding gift, and pay for the gas for the trip.

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