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Celebrate your life when you reach 100 years old: received a Centenarian Bounty

Updated on April 27, 2015
Your birthday is a time for celebration.
Your birthday is a time for celebration. | Source

In a time where the older population can sometimes be ignored, there is still one scheme that is in existence.

This scheme referred to as a Centenarian Bounty Scheme awards a gift to people who reach 100 years of age. When they are nearing 100 years of age they forward an application form to the Centenarian Bounty department.

After there application is submitted they will be awarded a cheque and will received a congratulation letter ifrom the President of Ireland complimenting them on reaching this age.

Once you reach 100 years of age, you will receive  a cheque for €2540
Once you reach 100 years of age, you will receive a cheque for €2540 | Source

Centenarian Bounty Prize

In Ireland when you reach 100 years of age, this is seen as a massive achievement. Any man or woman who reaches this age will get their picture in the paper and will also have a big party.

To celebrate this achievement in a persons life, they are given

1) A cheque for €2,540

2) A letter from the president congratulating them on reaching 100 years of age

Each year after that from 101 onwards they will receive a letter again from the President and also a commemorative coin for each subsequent year.

What is the Centenarian Bounty

This is awarded to each person who turns 100 years old. You receive a signed letter of congratulation from the President of Ireland along with a cheque of €2,540.

You can celebrate this happy event by holding a party and having a presentation where you receive the gifts from someone from the clergy or from a close friend on behalf of the President.

Or if your the type of person who doesn't like making a big deal of things you can just have them sent to your own home.

When you then turn 101 and every other birthday after that you also will continue to receive a signed letter from the President and will also receive a specially designed coin to mark the occasion each year with the letter.

Who is entitled to the Centenarian Bounty

To be entitled to the Centenarian Bounty prize you must be an Irish national or a foreign national who is residing in Ireland when you turn 100.

In 2006 the government made some changes to the policy so that Irish people not currently living in Ireland but in another country aboard are still entitle to apply for the Centenarian Bounty.

They just need to submit an application form to be considered.

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Letter | Source

If you live in Ireland and are in receipt of an Irish pension, your name is automatically forwarded to the President when you reach 100 years. This is because The Department of Social Protection (DSP) office have your details on record and will forward on your details.

The Department of Social Protection will then send out an Inspector from the department to verify the information that is submitted is correct and that the person is alive and also resides at that location. Once this is confirmed the Centenarian Bounty will be awarded to them.

If you are not in receipt of the pension you need to complete the application form.

Number of people who have receive Centenarian Bounty


Apply for Centenarian Bounty outside Ireland

If you reside outside Ireland you will be asked to contact your Irish diplomatic mission or the Department of Foreign Affairs so they can verify that the person is eligible for this prize.

You can send the complete application form to your nearest embassy or consulate.

Or alternatively you can forward it on to:

Centenarian Bounty Scheme, Irish Abroad Unit, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 80 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Apply for Centenarian Bounty Scheme if you live in Ireland

If you live in Ireland you don't need to do anything. Once you are in receipt of a pension The Department of Social Protection (DSP) will automatically deal with your application as they have your detail on record.

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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 4 years ago from Ireland

      @ June Preston

      To be honest, I would check and see if you could get it. On the application form, you just need to confirm that you are an Irish citizen born on the island of Ireland. The Dublin number you can contact to get clarification is 01 478 0822.

      You need to present originals of the following items when you apply for it.

      - Your Irish passport

      - If your surname is different now to that at birth i.e. married, you need to provide your marriage certificate

      - Provide 2 proof of residency i.e. utility bill

    • profile image

      June Preston 4 years ago

      Are you entitled to this payment if you live in Northern Ireland and are Northern Irish?

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 5 years ago from Ireland

      @sonya, That's amazing, Congrats to your nana.

    • profile image

      sonya 5 years ago

      My Nana reached 100, at her party today. Love you always Nana.

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ ciara, if you are an Irish citizen and you live in Northern Ireland, then yes you would be entitle to it.

    • profile image

      ciara 6 years ago

      does this include northern ireland?

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ skeeter747, you have a bit of irish in your blood then.

    • skeeter747 profile image

      skeeter747 6 years ago

      Great Hub! My great Grandparents was from Ireland.

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ PhotoBabyinvites ,thank you for your comment. I'm happy the information was useful to you.

    • PhotoBabyInvites profile image

      PhotoBabyInvites 6 years ago

      You really had the best information I have been searching for.

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ Ancillotti, I'll help you find accommodation when you move :-)

      It's great that the government actknowledge people for living to that age.

    • Ancillotti profile image

      Ancillotti 6 years ago from Brasil, Vitoria - ES

      Wow! I can not believe it! There's nothing like it in Brazil! I guess I'll pack up and move to Ireland already! Hub useful. Up vote for sure!

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 6 years ago from Ireland

      @ bernieadkins, Ireland are great for offering free things like this to the citzens

    • bernieadkins profile image

      bernieadkins 6 years ago from Virginia

      Very interesting information! I don't think we have anything like this in the U.S.