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Monster Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on July 30, 2012

Get ready for a monster mash! Monster birthday party is a fun theme to have both for kids and adults. Read through some food ideas, decorations, party games, supplies and more.


Monster Party Cake and Cupcakes

Monster cake must be just a little bit scary!

  • you can make great monster cakes using candy eyes (they look great and you can get them in many different sizes in grocery stores), Frankenstein, monster face...
  • use monster cake toppers
  • monster doll cakes (you can see a great example at zombie party guide), you can use an old doll and paint it a little or you can take the advantage of the currently popular Monster High dolls.

Cupcakes are a heart of any birthday party!

  • you can find tutorials on how to make the cute cupcakes on the picture (on the right) at Better Homes and Gardens
  • you can get lots of fun and scary candy in your local store (fangs, worms) that you can use to decorate your cupcakes
  • you can make glow in the dark cupcakes! You will need a black light for them to glow though. Buy some jell-o and mix some tonic water in it. Dip the cupcakes in this mix and they will glow in the dark.


Monster Birthday Party Supplies and Favors

To make this party even more special, especially if this is a birthday party for a kid, you can have cool looking party supplies.

You can get all the tableware you need, special decorations, personalized products (great for party favors) and more.

-->Browse monster party supplies

Monster Party Games

  • mummy wrap - get the toilet paper and have your guests wrap some each other! This is a fun game for kids and adults
  • pin the eye or tentacles on the monster - pin the tail on a donkey with a monster twist
  • feed the monster - make a monster face out of cardboard and cut-out an mouth opening. You can make more than one monster, have them in different sizes so that they can be scored differently. Have the guests throw objects (balls, beanie bags...) into the mouth. The one that scores most points wins.
  • build a monster - print out some cool pictures of monsters and cut them into small pieces. Have the guest build a monster. You could also print different parts of monsters and have your guest build a monster to their liking (10 eyed monster with green tentacles and a ponytail maybe?)
  • vampire bite or zombie plague - designate one guest to be a zombie or a vampire. He must hunt other guests (there is no need for a slow zombie walk). As he or she catches the victim he or she too becomes the vampire or a zombie. The game continues until there is only one survivor of the apocalypse - the winner.
  • scary story telling
  • monster face paint - color their faces in funky colors; green, blue, yellow. Add a third eye (or more) and other monstrous details.

Monster Birthday Party Decorations

I have searched around the web to provide you with some free monster party printables that will hopefully be of use to you. There are not many though;

At Maddyson's Lane you can download fun monster party invitations, square cupcake toppers and beverage decor with lovely monster images.

Be different act normal offers some cute cupcake toppers designs for free, they are Halloween themed but some will work great for a monster mash.


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