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More Candy to Come

Updated on December 28, 2011

The Christmas holiday is over and for me, it's always a sad time because Christmas is one of the most positive memories of my childhood. It's hard for me to take our tree down and put all the decorations away. It's hard knowing that I have to wait another 50 weeks before I get all the lights, carols, Christmas shows and delicious cookies and candy again!

But wait! There IS more candy coming! Five more weeks and we all get more chocolate! Woohoo! I am thankful that Valentine's Day was thought of and established in 500 B.C. by Pope Gelasius I. It was named after an early Christian martyr, St. Valentine. I learned that tidbit of history from Wikipedia.

Now, forget the history and let's get on with priorities here, namely chocolate! I have done a little research and chosen three of the most widely known chocolate companies in the U.S. The links below will give you a chance to view the confectionary delicacies for yourself and then you can decide what treats will satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, sooner than five weeks from now, if you so choose!

My personal favorite is Gherardelli's. They specialize in chocolate. I have an awesome boyfriend who goes out of his way to celebrate my birthday every year, allowing me the chance to travel with him to Ghirardelli Square in person! I didn't want to leave, let me tell ya! "Yummy" can't even describe it! It's total bohemian decadence, heaven on earth, purity for my palate!!!!

Not only do they have heavenly bites of chocolate, they even offer chocolate drinks (Mocha Hot Cocoa, for instance), as well as Peppermint Fudge Sauce, in which to smother your ice cream!

Their specialty gifts include City Lunch Box Tins with chocolate inside, Patriotic Flag Boxes with chocolate inside for the patriots of America and even Organza Favor Boxes in red and white for those of you getting married anytime soon! That's just a few items from their speciality list.They even have baking mixes, gift bags, candy baskets and towers and several other delicious ways to share heaven with your loved ones and friends. Here is the link for your own perusal:

Now, onto the next deliciously sugary choices - See's candies. Where to start? See's not only does chocolate, they do peanut brittle, toffees, lollipops, licorice, and peppermint twists! Eat your heart out, Willie Wonka! Shoot, they even have nuts for those of you who, regretably, can't partake in the nirvana of chocolate! They create this amazingly decadent candies called, "Cafe Latte' Krispies", which will be my next excursion target point! Watch out, the French girl is on her way! And here is the link for their website, so you can get even more deluged with yummy choices:

Last, but not least, is Brach's! Oh man, their Bridge Mix is to die for! I love, love, love that stuff! Okay, they aren't a "chocolates only" company, but hey! That means more choices and variety for those of you are not chocoholics!

In their chocolate category, they have the aforementioned Bridge Mix, Chocolate Covered California Raisins (of course, California rocks!), Peanut Clusters and Double Dippers, which are single peanuts double-dipped in Chocolate!

In their candy department, they make Jelly Beans, Lemon Drops, Milk Maid Caramels and Gummy Bears. Sounds good to me!

Very recently, Brach's chose to go a more "health conscious" route by choosing to create Fruit Snacks with name brands such as Mott's, Hawaiian Punch and Tree Top packed all in boxed goodness, along with their own Orchard Fruit Brand Fruit Snacks. Those are great for kid's lunches, ya know!

Chocolate Marshmallows, Candy Corn and Chocolate Rabbits are a few more of the many choices they have for you to savor. Their link is here for you to review:

So, fear not Christmas lovers! More candy and lots of love, romance and mushy cards are just waiting for you right around the corner! Thank goodness for little blessings!


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    • stargazer4305 profile image

      stargazer4305 7 years ago from California

      Mmmmmmm - chocolate!!!!!

    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 7 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      Forgive my spacings between the links and texts! I am not a professional on doing those well yet!