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Most Important Meaning of Christmas

Updated on December 27, 2013

As Christmas was approaching, I couldn't help but notice that there were many people on the streets just shopping away, purchasing the best presents for their loved ones. However, there were some who were just barely able to buy presents because they didn't have enough money or they had to pay their bills instead of buying presents. This made me realize that Christmas has changed throughout the years.

Who can remember the days when Christmas morning was a day for being with family and one didn't always get so many presents. The parents could only afford something small even if it was homemade. I know my parents remember those days, they didn't get the nice gadgets that they offer now, sometimes my mom would get a rag doll and she was happy with that because she knew that was all her parents could afford at that time. I can remember only getting a barbie doll for Christmas even if it was the cheapest they could get, but I was happy about it and wouldn't complain.

Just recently I saw in the news that people were getting mad because their packages didn't arrive in time for Christmas and they were blaming the UPS and the FedEx companies. There were times when our family members would send us packages and it would arrive a week later after Christmas but we didn't get mad. There were comments on that article saying that Christmas was ruined thanks to the presents not being delivered in time. Is that what Christmas is really about now, presents? This is would be a sad time, if that is what children grow up learning about Christmas time.

Coming from a religious background, I know that Christmas is about Jesus coming from heaven and taking form as a baby to forgive those around him. This was always the way Christmas was taught to my family. But most important of all, the best thing that I can remember about Christmas is that it was about being with family and just enjoying each others presence. That is the best part of Christmas that I like, yes the presents are nice to get but if I didn't get any, just knowing that I can spend time with my family makes any Christmas the best.


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