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Most Popular Personalized Gift Choices with Photos

Updated on July 15, 2014

Why You Should Explore Personalized Gifts?

A majority of us think that personalized pillows and t-shirts are just too much of an expression. However, some of the popular ideas when combined with right gift choice can do wonders to your relationship.

Here are the top reasons why people choose personalized gifts.

  • Emotional Value
  • Fun Quotient
  • Uniqueness
  • Family Memorabilia

The Art of Gifting Emotions

Emotions n More

Most Popular Choices

Before we discuss the most popular personalized gift options in detail, let’s take a brief look at what these items actually are.

  • iPhone Cases
  • Photo Calendars
  • Puzzles
  • Mugs Key Chains
  • Luggage Tags


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Keep These in Mind

Choosing personalized gifts might not be that easy especially when you are going to order something for the first time.

Here are few pointers to make your next gift shopping AWESOME

  1. Consider what your dear one will like
  2. Choose a picture according to gift item
  3. Keep color and tone of picture in mind
  4. Match it with your gift's surface
  5. View live virtual sample first

Few Interesting Ideas

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Where can you get these items?

Here's where you can get some really great custom products for friends and family.

Popular Personalized Gift Choices with Photos

It is often sort of tricky to choose gifts for those you love the most. It does not matter if you have known them for an entire life or not, what’s important is getting something completely different from what you’ve already given in the past.

And though there are plenty of choices on market, a little personalization is must. Custom products hold a special emotional touch that you won’t really get with anything else.

1) iPhone Cases

When photo frames are just too common, it’s time to come with a more ‘today’s’ gifting idea like custom iPhone cases. These are minimalist, easy to customize and leave a lasting impression. You can use almost any picture with custom cases for as low as $6. In fact many online studios allow you to play with text and photos both.

2) Photo Calendars

In times when most people bank on their phones for dates and schedules, room calendars can still prove to be an incredible choice. Whether they are customized with pictures of your children, family, or just you, photo calendars are a great way to make every month of the year very special.

3) Puzzles

Photo puzzles are extremely popular these days. It’s really interesting to connect pieces of puzzles that will finally reveal best memories from your life. Photo puzzles are ideal to display every occasion. Be it pictures of your wedding, birthday or any other party, a puzzle is the perfect place to use you pictures.

4) Mugs

How can anyone just keep it off the list? Whenever you are going to talk about personalized items, mugs will always be on the list. It does not just stand out as a showcase element but also makes your start of the day awesome. When imprinted with picture of your choice, custom mugs are second to none of the personalized gifts.

5) Key Chains

There are some days when you feel like giving gifts to people you love. These gifts do not have to be expensive but it would be perfect to add some emotions. For such occasions, photo key chains make a perfect custom product. You might have to work one picture selection that can fit in keychain here.

6) Luggage Tags

Although luggage tags are not very different from key chains, they hold a special significance when gifted to someone. Whenever your loved ones are traveling to distant places, they are sure to keep your memories closer with such photo luggage tags.

The $20 Gift

It's Not About the Money

Gifts have always been about the passion and emotion that flows with it. It's never was or is about the money you spend on it.

An 8-year old boy has proven it yet again when he found 20 dollars in the parking lot. Rather than spending it on video games, he chose to give to someone else in need.Now 20 dollars cannot change someone's life, but it surely is a gesture to be appreciated.

And if you also want to make someone's day special, put in some extra efforts and not just money. You'll surely make something really great with love.


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