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Valentines Day Ideas - Traditional And Original

Updated on December 7, 2013

Valentines Day - Are You Traditional Or Original?

Would you like to play a little Valentines Day game with me?

Read the two descriptions below, of two very different Valentines Day dates, and decide which one appeals to you more. Then vote in the poll. If you are a Traditionalist then the top half of the lens is packed with Valentines ideas for you to help make your traditional day really special.

If your style comes out as 'original' take a look at the bottom half of the lens to see some unusual Valentines Day ideas that will appeal to you in creating your unique and special day for your loved one.

Traditionalists tend to love all the romance a traditional Valentines Day brings, whereas Originals tend to like something out of the norm (if they celebrate Valentine's day at all that is!)


A Traditional Valentine's Day Date

Date Scenario 1

He picks you up in a taxi. You feel excited to see him, you have spent hours getting ready. He told you to 'dress up' and you have, wearing a floaty dress, sparkly jewellery and your favorite scent. You feel pretty.

You see him and smile up at him nervously. He smiles back and presents you with a single red rose. Your heart flutters.

In the taxi you hold hands. The taxi pulls up in front of a posh looking hotel and the door is opened for you. Walking in through the marble lobby you marvel at the surroundings. You sit opposite each other at a table, bathed in candlelight. in the background soft music plays. You share a bottle of champagne and some fine dining.

Later, whilst sitting on the balcony overlooking the city he presents you with your Valentines Day Gift. A diamond necklace. You are feeling totally spoiled.

If you like Valentine's Day to be traditional the top part of this lens is dedicated to you!

A Non-traditional (Original) Valentines Day Date

Date Scenario 2

Having camped overnight in the B&B nestled under the mountain you awake early at 5am to him bringing you some freshly made coffee from the kitchen. You have no idea why you are up so early but you feel excited. He cuddles you while you drink your coffee and tells you to 'dress warm'.

It's still a little dark as you start to make your way up the mountain and that just adds to the excitement. It's a long way and tiring but he has brought candy to keep you going which he feeds you each time you stop.

When you reach the top of the mountain you sit together on a pic-nic rug, cuddled up against the cold, and share the pic-nic breakfast he has brought, consisting of little cheeses, meat, fruit and biscuits he commandeered from the B&B tea tray. Then you sip hot coffee from a thermos flask as you both watch the sun come up around the mountain.

Valentine's Day dates

Having Read the two scenarios above, which one are you?

When it comes to Valentines Day, are you traditional or original?

Which Special Valentines Day Date Did You Prefer?

If you chose date scenario number 1 then you are 'traditional style' and the top half of the lens is for you.

If you prefer date scenario number 2 then you are 'original style' and the second half of the lens is yours.

Of course feel free to read both! :-)

Valentines Chocolates and Flowers!

So you are a traditionalist? Well if it works why change it? What could be more traditional than chocolates and flowers. Here are some possibilities to get your started.

​Home Essentials 12 inch Lifelike Glass Roses Bouquet Red
​Home Essentials 12 inch Lifelike Glass Roses Bouquet Red

These flowers will last FOREVER as they are made of glass.


Make It A Romantic Valentines Day

It's the special touches that make Valentines Day romantic. Why not try scattering some rose petals around and lighting some candles. There is nothing like candlelight to get the romantic juices flowing. And then when you are both feeling really relaxed, how about a sensual massage. The Bodyshop Sensual Massage Oil is heavenly, or, if you are feeling a bit naughty, why not try some of the edible massage oils.

Cook a Sumptious Valentines Day Meal

Why not show your love by cooking a delicious Valentines Day meal? The books below feature some really easy dishes. And if you like cooking Italian food why not try this nifty little Italian Dinner Set gift for two people?

Can't cook? Don't worry why not order one of these Romance Gourmet Dinner Gifts? They are delivered to you and come with a card, candle and napkins. All you have to do is heat it up, oh, and eat it of course!

In the Words Of Shakespeare

If music be the food of love, play on -

William Shakespeare.

Romantic Music For Valentines Day

Music can help us to feel relaxed and sentimental (thus bringing us closer to others).

What would you have playing in the background?

Traditional love songs? Classical? Or the bassy tones of Barry White? It's up to you.

Diamonds For Valentines - Push the Boat Out - Traditional Style

Any traditionalist knows, diamonds really are a girls best friend. And she will love you forever if you present her with diamonds on Valentines Day. She will feel really special.


This is where it all switches over folks. So if you are stubbornly in the 'traditional' camp stop reading now!

Otherwise, if you are one of the 'Originals' read on!

Original Valentines Day Gifts

Here are a few unusual gift ideas to get you started!

Or you could make your own gifts if you are feeling super creative.

Fancy a Break Away This Valentines Day?

Eascape all this V Day Madness!

Superbreak are a company I came across that do vouchers for unusual breaks in the UK and Europe. They cover all sorts of locations and the vouchers can also be used for the theatre. Last time I looked they were offering a 'Harry Potter' break where you could visit Warner Brothers and take a tour around where the Harry Potter films were made.

We got vouchers from this company for my parents and my fiancee's parents for Christmas, and our experiences with this company have been really positive.


Go On A Valentines Day Adventure!

Want to re-create that mountain date?

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