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Most excited themes to Glee up kids on birthday party

Updated on March 2, 2016

Kids desperately hang around and pass their time willingly with the fact that their birthday is about to come again. In order to make your kids happy, you should try celebrating the birthday party with a special approach.

Why Theme Party?

Themes also play a key role in making such auspicious occasions vigorous and assist in spreading happiness all around of kid’s surroundings. There can be lots of overwhelming themes to present the evening in a wonderful way and thereby make the kids special day more inspirational and everlasting.

Fancy Floral Party Theme

Fancy floral party theme is one of the wonderful themes, if you have finally come up to a decision to make your kids feel glad on this special day of their birthday. A beautiful floral birthday party theme can really look appealing and brighten up this wonderful evening with utmost attractiveness and décor.

There can be a lot of fancy floral themes ideas which you can apply to your kid’s birthday party to make the surroundings look more attractive and pleasant.

Given below are some of the ideas of fancy floral party theme for kids. Have a profound glance on them:

  • You can give a wonderful touch to your party with a floral theme by keeping an elegant yet beautiful vase as a centerpiece full of red and yellow flowers.
  • You can make use of some flower posters which look attractive when pasted on the walls to give a refined décor look on your kid’s birthday party.
  • A wide variety of various colorful floral patterns can assist you giving a bright feminine touch to the party.
  • For an impeccable floral party theme and celebration, various colorful yet tasty lanterns can suit with your floral theme in the best way possible and can inspire people attending the celebration.
  • Try to convince old children to put on amazing colorful headbands on the birthday to give a spick and span touch to the floral theme.
  • To make this theme more enchanting for everyone, you can also keep lots of fancy floral cupcakes so as to make this birthday theme, a perfect one and inspiring for all the children and people out there.
  • How to Make Floral Crown For Fancy Floral Party Theme? Please check this video for that.

How to Make A Fairy Birthday Party Flower Crown

Safari Wild Party Theme

Are you thinking to give a beautiful theme décor look to your kid’s birthday this year? Yeah, it is in fact a wonderful idea to give your party an amazing wild safari theme look. Nothing can really and ever be visualizing than to let everyone put on birthday hats with animals printed on them.

So, check out some of the best yet eccentric safari wild party themes ideas which are surely going to baffle everyone out there:

  • Give your party table an animal look with lots of wild animals and trees printed on the table to give it a perfect safari theme and thereby make it look like a jungle sort of theme.
  • You can opt to invite the guests to your kid’s party with an invitation card occupying wild animals theme.
  • A delicious safari cake to give a more sophisticated appearance to the party is sure enough to make your wild safari them perfect.
  • Isn’t it humorous to keep a wide variety of tiger cupcakes to give a wild safari touch to your kid’s birthday party?
  • Wild cake pops, leopard printed colorful air filled happy birthday balloons, animals printed masks for kids, wild animals gift wrappers to pack the gifts are some of the other ideas you can easily apply to give your party a wild safari sign.
  • You can also think to give a pleasant appearance to your kid’s birthday party scrumptious cake by using lots of colorful animals printed candles on it.

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Pirate Party theme

Are you in search to give your kid’s birthday party a charming pirate theme? It is undoubtedly going to be a great theme for your kid’s birthday party- A Pirate Theme.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most accepted and well known pirate party ideas to give a more refined look to the wonderful evening you have wished to celebrate for your most loved kid:

  • In order to make your pirate party more appealing, you need to invite your guests first with a special invitation card occupying a pirate theme.
  • You are recommended to visit your nearby party seller and ask for some pirate theme décor articles to give a perfect touch to your theme.
  • You can also make a pirate ship to give your guests a pleasant and welcoming entry as a centerpiece in your party hall.
  • Try decorating your food and party table with pirate treasures. This can also be among the perfect and mind blowing themes to give your kid’s birthday party a refreshing yet pleasant appearance.

By applying such wonderful pirate party ideas, you can certainly let your party be a grand party and ever memorable as well with such a beautiful pirate party theme.

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Paris Party Theme

It is your kid’s birthday today and you are perplexed about choosing a perfect party them for your baby. So, you need not to worry about it, since you have now a wonderful theme idea to stir up your party. Paris party theme can undoubtedly be just a right theme to give your party a childish yet modern look with its beauty and foreign sort of looks.

In this stunning party theme, you can decorate your party area with the special attractions of Paris; can invite your guests in a special way by making use of Paris theme and many more. Let’s have a glance:

  • Try inviting your guests in the way so as to make the invitation more striking and special with a perfect Paris party theme. As per the party theme, you can buy postcards from the market having one of the most renowned attractions i.e. Eiffel Tower printed on it. You can either purchase a card having a Paris’s flag printed on it.
  • In order to give an exact Paris party theme to your party, you can make use of a combination of white, blue and red colors (colors of Flag) to give the surroundings a perfect Paris décor look.
  • You can also arrange to place some statues of Eiffel Tower on the main entrance of your party venue so as to attract people with a perfect party theme.
  • Paris party theme games is another way to mystify your guests in a more fascinating yet exceptional way.

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Mermaid Party Theme

In order to stun your doll with a more special approach, you can opt to have a fine-looking Mermaid party theme in her birthday. It is a theme which will not only assist you to bring happiness on her face but it would also help you by making it as a perfect party environment. It is a sort of an oceanic theme which involves an angel in water.

This way, you can try arranging lots of things to give your party theme a perfect marine look.So, why not take help from the given below ideas which certainly suits your taste of having a perfect Mermaid party theme:

  • Try doing some “under the sea” decorations. Under this, you can make some endearing jellyfish or simple fish lanterns and can hang them over the blue cloth of tent so as to give it a perfect oceanic facade.
  • Making some sea plants and animals can give your party a wonderful sea theme to your kid’s birthday party.
  • As party’s food is concerned, you can have some meat dishes and Sebastian sandwiches on your party table and try decorating your table with plants so as to make the table look like giving an impeccable sea view.

This way, you can certainly be capable to give your hall and surroundings an immaculate mermaid theme view.

Frozen Party Theme

Have you ever dreamt to glee up your kids on the special day of his/ her birthday with a beautiful party theme? I know, of course you might have done so innumerable times in your life. Now, you can give your party a sophisticated yet contemporary look with a perfect frozen party idea.

In this frozen party theme, you have a wonderful way to make everything look like as if it has been frozen. This wonderful party theme can really freeze your guests with its utmost splendor and décor.

  • To make this frozen theme suitable for your kid’s birthday, a yummy huge cake which is based on the turret of ice can do wonders for everyone.
  • A white frock kind of dress can certainly look perfect when wearing on the birthday by her and can look perfect with a frozen party theme.
  • Hoary water bottles may also match your well chosen theme on her birthday.
  • White ice creams and truffle cakes are some of the other options you can choose to put on your party table to make the theme perfect and pleasuring.
  • As far as games and activities are thought about, you can cover the entire area with cotton and snow to get the theme look more appealing and applauding.

Outer Space Birthday Party

Well, we give you one more wonderful opportunity to let your kids feel glad on their birthday with a special yet appealing birthday party theme. This outer space birthday party theme is great enough to let your kid’s feel wow on their birthday. It can surely be converted into an impressive day if you understand using this perfect theme right in a faultless way.

There can be lots of ideas of using this charming birthday party theme in your baby’s birthday. Let’s have a look:

  • Outer space birthday party theme- WOW! The very first idea for using this theme in your birthday can be to make a contemporary solar system chandelier which can give a fresh sight to this lovely theme in your toddler’s birthday.
  • You can also think of various ideas for putting on this stunning theme in your baby’s birthday party as you can make a lot of scintillating star garlands and can tie them on the entrance to give a warm welcome to all your guests.
  • Rocket ship photos booth is another captivating idea to make use of in the birthday party. It is a homemade item which you can effortlessly make by your own to present this theme in a more wonderful way.
  • Try to make rocket ships from the paper tubes and suffer with a great feeling of rocket party favors in your party.
  • You can also make cute space printable for your birthday party theme with glossy pipe cleaner superfluities. This way, the idea can appear to look flawless with a perfect party theme.

Dinosaur Party Theme

Isn’t it an amusing way to have a dinosaur themed party to glee up your kids on their birthday? Whenever we hear the name of Dinosaurs, the very first thing that strikes our mind is a dangerous animal. HAHA!! Though, this can be one of the most wonderful and childish themes everyone would love and appreciate that but is tricky to apply too on the same side.

In this theme to apply on your baby’s birthday, you can think of various ideas to give your birthday an ideal theme appearance. Let’s look at them in detail:

  • To start with such an amazing theme, firstly you need to make a list of guests whom you want to invite in the birthday party. Then, try getting dinosaurs printed on the back side of the invitation card to make it look like a perfect dinosaur party theme.
  • A huge delicious dinosaur cake is another perfect dinosaur party idea to prove this theme a huge success and fun for all the guests who are going to attend the party of your kid.
  • Dinosaur bones, dinosaurs printed plates and dinosaur cupcakes are some of the other wonderful ideas to stun your kid and everyone in the party.
  • If we talk about the return gifts, you can gift lots of different types of dinosaurs printed toys to all the kids attending this special evening of your kid’s birthday.
  • Decorate party with Dinosaur eggs. Confused?? Here are video how to make Dinosaur Eggs.

Dinosaur Ice Block Eggs

Mountain Theme Party

Mountain theme party is another perfect idea to startle everyone on the special occasion of your kid’s birthday with its utmost sophistication and prettiness. Again, there can be a lot of ideas for this theme as well. This theme would not only make your kids feel contented but also give everyone a beautiful chance to explore lots of things and learn something new with this theme.

By learning, they too can try to celebrate their day by having a mountain theme in their celebration too. So, why not give a look at some of the ideas of mountain theme party which are entailed below:

  • The very first idea of this mountain theme can be to make some small mountains shaped tents for the kids to play in and around those mountains.
  • Try adding watermelon in your food list and cut them in the shape of mountains to give an advanced touch to your well thought theme for the party.
  • A scrumptious mountain cake can be none other than a surprising idea to surprise everyone in the birthday party.
  • Try doing some fun activities and play games that can match your theme party. This way you can plan for such an amazing yet special theme in your birthday party by getting some ideas detailed.

Bunny Theme Party

Is your kid a bunny lover? Does he love to play with bunnies wherever he gets a chance to play with them? Are you sure if he would love a bunny themed party if you throw a grand celebration of his birthday with it? Then, it is none other than an impeccable idea to set a bunny theme on his birthday and see him smiling vociferously.

There can nothing be fine rather than making your kid happy on his birthday and throwing a grand celebration of his birthday with such a cute theme can actually do wonders on the day. Looking for bunny theme party ideas? Have a look:

  • You can have bunny cupcakes and lollipops on your party food table for all the kids attending the party.
  • For all the bunny lovers, it can surely be a great surprise to have some homemade bunny shaped desserts.
  • As a return gift, you can give all the kids present in your birthday party, the bunny toys which will be sure enough to make each and every kid happy on the special yet auspicious occasion of your baby’s birthday. This return gift will be matching to the theme of your party and thereby it will impart a good yet lovable impression on the part of all the guests attending this special day of yours part.
  • Moreover, you can bring a bunny hat for your birthday boy or girl to let everyone assure of the fact that there is a bunny party theme.

Beach Party Theme

Are you looking for some beach party ideas for your next birthday? Are you desperate to see your kid shining on the exceptional occasion of his birthday? Then, it is great to celebrate the special day with this special approach of having to celebrate with a beach themed party.

It is a party theme which may include ideas for beach party invitations, decorations, games, favors and many more. These are just perfect to bring happiness on the part of the one for whom you have decided to celebrate this day in an extraordinary way.

Let’s have a look at some of the most accepted and special beach party ideas:-

  • First of all, to bring this beach party theme in to notice, you need to buy some beach balls from the market to invite your guests in a special way. This way, you can write all the requisite information about the date, venue and other important details about the party on these balls and then blow them off to your guests or you can also send to them directly through the mail.
  • It is another wonderful way to make your invitation more noticing by using some water bottles. You can invite your guests by putting your invitation paper containing all the necessary details of the party in to the bottle and then tie it up with a red ribbon and send them to the addresses of your particular guests. This way your invitation can be more special and thoughtful.
  • Apart from these invitation ideas, you can make use of large beach towels to give a perfect beach sort of look to the day.

Though, making your kids happy on their birthday is an easy task but knowing how to, can really be an ever complicated task? In this post, we have clearly elaborated some of the most well liked and amazing themes to glee up your kids on the birthday party. These themes are not only perfect but can also help you to organize the party in a more exceptional way you haven’t ever even imagined about. Each and every theme has its ideas with the help of which you can even think of celebrating the birthday bash of your kid with no difficulty. These ideas permit you to not to give a second thought about what to do with what theme. You just need to look at the ideas explained in detail and can easily apply them on the birthday of your kid to honor the day with beauty and utmost elegance.

So, why not make use of some of the most exited themes on the next birthday of your kid to see him/ her in high spirits.

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