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Mother Earth Costumes and Mother Nature Costume Ideas

Updated on February 4, 2015
kittythedreamer profile image

Kitty's favorite holiday is Halloween. She's been making her own costumes and studying Halloween as a holiday for over a decade.

Mother Earth Costume Inspiration & Ideas

Mother Nature Costume - Twigs and branches in hair
Mother Nature Costume - Twigs and branches in hair | Source
Native American version of Mother Earth
Native American version of Mother Earth
Floral headbands for Mother Earth Costumes
Floral headbands for Mother Earth Costumes | Source
An Amazing Homemade Mother Earth Costume
An Amazing Homemade Mother Earth Costume | Source

Mother Earth Costumes & Mother Nature Costumes

Not sure what you want to be this year for Halloween? Why not dress up as the life force on which we live and survive? Why not honor the earth by dressing in a mother earth costume or mother nature costume? The mother earth costume and mother nature costume are unique and beautiful costumes that can be molded to fit your personality.

Mother earth costumes are also a beautiful costume idea for pregnant women. Why? Because mother earth is usually depicted as a beautiful pregnant woman. Wear a flowy green dress and add flowers or leaves to your hair and you have the quintessential mother earth costume for this Halloween!

Mother nature costumes are also perfect costumes for little girls, too. They can be made easily and cheaply from home for families who do not have a lot of money to purchase Halloween costumes from the store. Simply dress your daughter in green from head to toe, pin fake flowers from an old arrangement or floral display all over her green outfit, and also put flowers all in her hair. You could even spray-paint her hair green to really pull off the mother nature costume. Be creative and have fun with your mother nature costume!

If you don't want to put together your own mother earth costume or mother nature costume, you can always purchase one from online or a Halloween store, though I don't see mother nature costumes at Halloween stores too often. Try the mother nature costumes and mother nature costume ideas I've posted below (from Amazon).

Don't feel like you're wrangled in to only buying a titled "mother nature costume", try out other costumes that would work as mother nature costumes such as a Native American costume or Greek Goddess costume. Both of these costumes could represent mother nature costumes too.

The best colors for a mother nature costume or mother earth costume are definitely greens, browns, and yellows; however, dress in whatever colors you feel represent mother earth. Some people associate dark reds and whites with mother nature. Go with your gut and be true to don't want to disappoint mother earth by being something you're not!

Happy Halloween and good luck finding your perfect mother earth costume or mother nature costume.

Written and copyrighted © by Kitty the Dreamer (May Canfield), 2012. All Rights Reserved.

More Mother Nature Costume Inspirations

Homemade Mother Nature Costumes
Homemade Mother Nature Costumes
Yule Mother Nature
Yule Mother Nature

© 2011 Nicole Canfield


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  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 5 years ago from the Ether

    Thanks, amithak50!

  • amithak50 profile image

    amithak50 5 years ago from India

    Thanks for the nice information are really nice

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Chatkath - Thanks...I was inspired by Mother the Goddess in all of us!

  • Chatkath profile image

    Kathy 6 years ago from California

    Great ideas Kitty, very green and beautiful. I never would have thought of doing this. Up, useful and awesome!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Tonipet - Thanks so much. I agree...and I plan to do this for Halloween next year.

    Phoebe Pike - I was inspired by Mother Earth herself!

  • profile image

    Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

    Those are some pretty great costumes and drawings. It's a really inspired idea to be Mother Nature for Halloween.

  • Tonipet profile image

    Tonette Fornillos 6 years ago from The City of Generals

    Very lovely! Loved the photo of a lady in peachy flowery glitzes, so nature, so earthy, so natural so pleasant. Very inspiring idea. This concept shows the many beautiful ways of making something out from what mother nature has in store for us. There truly are so many ways. Thanks for sharing this. Voted up!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Paradise - Oh, yeah...I think I do remember that commercial and I agree that is a good depiction of Mother Earth! Thanks for sharing.

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    I love the whole concept of "Mother Earth" or "Mother Nature". Do you remember those commercials, I think it was for margarine or something..."It's not NICE to fool Mother Nature", then a terrific lightning bolt.

    That flowing white costume of the woman in the commercial is one I think of when I think of "Mother Earth" or "Mother Nature".

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Aupadhyay - Thanks so much. And the quote is beautiful.

    savingfaceserum - Thanks!

  • AUPADHYAY profile image


    I appreciate your views. A very beautifully written hub. I intend to tell here the two lines always kept in mind for years "LET THE EARTH BE STUDDED WITH TREES, THE NATURE WILL PRAISE YOU." After all, I vote up for this hub.

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

    Stephanie - Aww, thanks so much! I wasn't sure if anyone would really like them or not. I want to do this next year for Halloween! This year I'm being a ghost bride. LOL

    Cresentmoon - So glad you like them. :)

  • Cresentmoon2007 profile image

    Cresentmoon2007 6 years ago from Caledonia, MI

    Those costumes are absolutely beautiful! I am in love with them lol

  • Stephanie Henkel profile image

    Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from USA

    Your costume ideas for Mother Earth are creative and beautiful, Kitty! I can always count on you to think of something very unusual, and I love the idea that it can cost so little to do something really attractive. Very nice hub with lovely pictures. Voted up, useful, beautiful, etc.