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Motherly Rose

Updated on May 9, 2011
A great parent and I love this woman to death.
A great parent and I love this woman to death.

Dedicated to my mother, Cheryl R. Taylor

Goes out to Cheryl

Brought me in this world

Last name's Taylor

GREAT MOTHER, never failure

You have no regrets I’m your son

Raised me very well and you’ve won

Had me at the age of twenty-three

A year in the 80s, September born free

Thought Charles, named me, Alphonso

I was birthed to be Mr. Solo Dolo

Together in almost every family photo

Look out for one another is our motto

I’m just a baby and so tied to you

In Pre-K, everyday, I cried for you

Kept clothes on my back as a boy in childhood

Your parenting, love and care was all good

You was a drive to get me through school

In my upbringing, I was no fool

I knew we would hold a tight relationship

The force nobody from us can strip

I didn’t quite know your whole plan

Whatever you did, made me a true man

Y’all had problems, but you gave me the best daddy

Even though y’all not together, now you’re happy

I could never understand why you were vicious

Having others say to me, you was suspicious

The same time, some took advantage of your heart

That’s when I stopped them from tearing us apart

Can’t let anyone hurt my important lady, so hazy

A beautiful Rose as your middle name, about you, I’m crazy.... I'm crazy.... CRAAAZY, yeah

From your concrete, I rose

What we've been through, no one knows

This SONG for you, I compose

Giving you your son's flows

I can hear so many of your voices

when I'm close to bad from good choices

You have the kindness of a humanitarian

Wasn't your fault, you was being a Samaritan

Those people were psycho

trying to hurt Cheryl, Shante, me, the trio

I said, WHOA, oh no

Them bastards need to go

Had to make sure we were protected

Never meant for no one to be disrespected

She wasn't affected much, my sister

The sores hurt me deeper than a blister

Asked for forgiveness of taking my innocence

Forgave you, haven't been the same of malevolence

Seems like it kept us from one another, distant

Once followed your path to be a teacher's assistant

Like when you're grading papers in a silent acoustic

I become your DJ and play for you, music

My favorite dish will always be your lasagna

I'm Garfield, you support me to move to North Carolina

The hard days when we had to fight and argue

Should’ve listened because you were right in virtue

I’m sorry for throwing the past in your face

To question your wheeling and dealing is not my place

I thank you for all of the punishment and butt- whippings

For all of your lookouts to have me stay good looking

I only wanted to show you I can stand on my own two feet

Through education to a career and reach ends meet

I hope, I can reward you soon with a big house

Not to take anything away from your spouse

I grade you in motherhood with a C+

You have brought me far on my thus

I realize we bleed and only blood I trust

I’ll die for you mother, if I must

From your concrete, I rose

What we've been through, no one knows

This SONG for you, I compose

Giving you your son's flows

Goes out to Cheryl

Brought me in this world

Last name's Taylor

GREAT MOTHER, never failure

I love you, MRS. Cheryl Rose Taylor. You're an incredible mother and grandmother. There will never be another. When writing this, my eyes were not dry. Couldn't read it to you because I'll break down and cry. THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME LIFE! I hope to find a woman like you of your great qualities, cooking.... My wife! YES, YES, YES, I wanna give you grandchildren. Even, if its a whole lot beyond ten. Best advice you've given me, "Never put a time limit on myself to get it together." Yes, momma! I have until as long as I live through the dreary, dreary weather at times of strife. Love you!

©2011, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material in any form or medium is permitted without expressed permission of the author

The Mother
The Mother

Anne Reid stars as May, an ordinary grandmother from the North of England. When her husband dies on a family visit to London, she recedes into the background of her busy, metropolitan children lives. Stuck in an unfamiliar city, far from home, May fears that she has become another invisible old lady whose life is more or less over. Until, that is, she embarks on a passionate affair with Darren (Daniel Craig), a man half her age who is renovating her son's house and sleeping with her daughter. Directed by Roger Michell (Notting Hill, Changing Lanes). Written by Academy Award® nominated writer Hanif Kureishi (Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen for My Beautiful Launderette).



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    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      While reading I thought of mom who passed away

      September 7, 2009. Even though it has been a year I miss her so much. I know your mom is proud to have a talented son like you. It is such a blessing to see how much you express your love for her through your words. I can't wait to read more of your writings. Beautiful!