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Mother's Day, Aye?

Updated on May 9, 2015

The Story Goes Like This...

Me and my girlfriend are sitting down on my bed, having a little cuddle, playing on our phones and she muses aloud "It's Mother's Day today..."

Sure it had already passed, I Googled it. And it was in March! Apparently, her Filipino friend who lives in Spain put it on Facebook.

Surely, that's not enough to write a hub about?

I didn't think so, until I read an article regarding mother's day and I felt it was all too much of a coincidence, don't you?

What gives? Is it Mother's Day in every other country BUT the UK? If so, why?

So, although I'm not one to be into all these commercial holidays, I do find myself battling for favouritism between myself and my three-year-older brother. He often 'forgets', or he's too skint due to smoking or drinking too much, which of course makes this battle far easier, often won before it is started.

However, when he does bother, it can be likened to the two kittens from a 10 kitten litter who are fighting for a teet. Frantically trying to be the most cunning, rolling around, climbing over each other... Just to send that fancy text at the stroke of midnight!


Every year, I try to think of brilliant things she's done for me throughout the year and for several years, that was tough. In fact, during two years (collectively) and due to lack of communication between myself and my family, those brilliant things could be counted on the one hand of a man with at least 2 fingers missing.

These two years, she didn't get a text.

Now, growing up, I wasn't really that bothered (that's to say, less so than I am now) about Mother's Day and in fact, my respect for mums worldwide grew only two or three years ago when I was dating a woman with a few children of her own and I also had one with her, she was twice my age. But every day, without fail, she would take the children to school, do the house work, do the shopping, go into town where necessary and even pay the bills, pick the children up, do their homework with them, cook for them (and feed my little girl - who unfortunately, I don't get to see anymore) and put them to bed, before finally doing her last cleanup of the night!

The point is, growing up, some of the examples I could express but won't because they're personal to me, went unnoticed more so than they would now, I notice the kind actions of other mothers more now too whereas before I would think "Oh, she's just his mum".

Well, she isn't forced to be nice, is she?

When Was Mother's Day? (2015)

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Some examples I don't mind sharing, however;

The time you came looking for me when I decided to wander off to the park, I think, by myself at around 8 or 9am... I was about four years old and I believe I climbed out of the kitchen window in my pyjamas and socks!

I'm a quarter of a mile away, nearly at the park when I hear my mum scream my name, of course it was hilarious seeing her in her slippers and dressing gown in the middle of the village, what would you have done? I did the only thing a child that age would do, I turned away and ran, giggling.

That time I cut my finger when I lost my hat down the back of a loose slab I pulled away on holiday when I was about eight years old. And I dropped the slab back on my finger and it was bleeding and blue and swollen and I thought I was going to die and you told me I had to either "run it under water to clean it or we will have to chop it off" and it stung. I still have the scar there now, I'm sure! I remember asking a holiday camp rep if it would need stitches, he said "Yes" but my mother told me he was joking... It didn't reconcile me in the slightest.

Those times we got to the school gates and sometimes even outside the classroom of the teacher I absolutely despised at 10 years old, well on one occasion she did drag me across the room- banging my head off a couple of tables here and there and on another occasion, she deliberately slammed the desk shut on someone's fingers (well, they were the old fashioned school desks and them lids are heavy!), and she would suddenly say "No, you're not going to school today."

And again when I was 12, my teacher bullied me because I was overweight, but this school I took the school bus and sometimes it would be as the school bus took me to school I would arrive in class and the receptionist will come and tell me I have an optician appointment or something, more often than not, this was bogus and mum was just doing me a favour.

The "Don't Tell Your Dad" when in fact, you'd tell him yourself behind my back but it made me laugh later on because I realised you would do that to make me feel like you were doing something that Dad wouldn't do. Don't get me wrong, he did the same and there were many things he did which were good too.

You never let me play in the street, which at the time, did my nut in because all the other kids were allowed to play out in the street. Looking back, my mum was the only one on our street who cared about her kids enough to supervise.

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All in all...

It is always worth doing something for your mum on Mother's Day, even if it's as simple as sending a text.

At the end of the day, she may not always be here and we should always remember the brilliant things our parents do for us on a daily basis.

So regardless of whether today is Mother's Day or Christmas or my Birthday or your sister's anniversary, it is always worth remember those little things our mothers (and fathers) do for us.


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