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Mothers Day Flower Delivery-Mothers Day Love

Updated on June 16, 2016

A Mother's Love Is Unconditional

Mother's Day Flower Delivery Honors Family

Children can give you one of the most refreshing conversations about their mothers, especially when it comes to mothers day and flowers and gifts for mom. What you find when you sit down with kids is that they don't tell you about all the shiny new stuff they get from their mom. They want to tell you about the warmth, care and love they get from their mom. Especially on Mother's Day.

So, instead of running to the store for that shiny, expensive gift you believe mom wants, sit down with your kids and ask them what they 'love about their mom' and 'why' and what they 'want to give her'. Their answers might surprise you. They did me!

This is in honor of the women who take on the role of "Mother." Those unsung heroes who would rather fight alligators than see their child hurting or sad.

And, this is for my family who have several people who qualify for that title.

Nathaniel, Katelyn, Brittney Wishing Mom, Stephanie Happy Mother's Day
Nathaniel, Katelyn, Brittney Wishing Mom, Stephanie Happy Mother's Day | Source

Mothers Day Love For Stephanie

Stephanie - Thank you for your many fine moments of heroism when you (yet once again) tended to the wants and needs of your children.

According to your children, you are:

  • So-So Pretty AND Cute! (Brittney 5)
  • Super-Duper Nice! (Katelyn 8)
  • Blessed with a really Good personality and you love each of your children equally! (Nathaniel 10)

According to my own observation, you are a rock that your family clings to like a ship clings to a lighthouse in a storm. You bring each of them warmth and encouragement, praise and discipline. I've watched you go without for your own basic necessities so that you could give those things to your children.

Those qualities that so stand out in you as a mother and parent are those qualities that your husband loves about you and finds the most attractive in you.

I know that you are tired, that your work feels like it is never finished and that you seldom hear words of praise or even, "Thank-You," for the many ways you take care of your family, but they are there unspoken. They are there in the faces of your family at holiday time, when you come home from work, in the pictures you take. Those words are truly there-spoken in the silence of quiet gratitude and smiles.

Thank you for the blessing that you are not only to your children and husband, but to everyone around you. Thank you for all of us. Happy Mothers Day, Stephanie!

Nicholas and Jacob Wishing their mom, Michelle, A Happy Mothers Day
Nicholas and Jacob Wishing their mom, Michelle, A Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day Love For Michelle

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."

~Elizabeth Stone

Nick, her husband, used the word self-sacrificing to describe his wife, Michelle, for Mothers Day. He said that she would give and do absolutely anything for her children

- A N Y T H I N G! And that she would not even think about it. After knowing Michelle for over 11 years, it's easy to see his point.

The kids think the same thing:

She hugs and kisses us and says, "I Love You!" (Jacob 7)

She's nice and takes care of us (Nicholas 11)

The votes are in for Mothers Day - You Rock!

From where I stand, it is refreshing to watch a mother reach for a book as enthusiastically as she reaches for a water hose to play water slide with her kids. So many of us stress about the mess in the kitchen when there are dragons to slay outside and paper airplanes to fly and bicycles to ride! Right outside - Just waiting! Thank you, Michelle for giving us countless stories to share and adventures to laugh about! Happy Mothers Day, Michelle. You are a true blessing.

Mothers Day Flower Delivery-Mothers Day Love

Kids really don't ask for more than love and affection. When you want to get a very special mom something extra nice for Mothers Day and can't think of a single thing to get her, sit down with the kids and ask them what they want to get mom.

Kids can create their own Gift Baskets For Children for their mom on Mothers Day and they are not lacking in good ideas - Just ask them!

Mothers Day Love - Priceless - An original Mothers Day song by Eddie Kilgallon, for his mom and yours!

Baylie wishing Heather a Happy Mothers Day - She is an angel!
Baylie wishing Heather a Happy Mothers Day - She is an angel!

Mothers Day Love For Heather

When I think of a pioneer, Heather comes to my mind. Knowing her since birth helps give a more full idea of why. She came into this world - a bundle of pink and cute that was impossible to resist. As she grew up, she demonstrated a personality that radiated sunshine and welcomed new friends easily.

As soon as she could understand what it meant to know about other places in the world, I began to say things to her about exploring and living your life to its fullest and going on adventures. I cannot take any credit for her choices but I can say honestly that Heather took those things to heart and has lived a life of adventure that few people would dare and I am very proud of her and where she is.

Heather became a young mother - much to my sorry and short-visioned eyes. From that point on she took on the world. Heather finished school with other teenage moms. She graduated and picked herself up by the boot straps and with her beautiful child, Baylie, moved to a place that takes us 33 + hours to drive to. She opened her own child care business, got a drivers license, and learned how to grow a garden. And, Heather starts college in the Fall.

To her these things may simply seem like day to day living now, but to me, she is a pioneer who I am proud of for her accomplishments and to call my niece.

The one thing I want to share with you Heather is this - No matter where you are or where you go you are always loved. I can't promise to never let you down, but I can promise to always love you.  You have my promise. 

Mothers Day Is Every Day - It May Seem Chaotic Right Now But You're Gonna Miss These Times-Trust Me! Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day Flower Delivery-Unsung Heroes

This is the short list of those women who I find a special place for in my heart on Mothers Day - Every Day. There are countless others too who I want to name, but I am afraid the list would be unending. So for those of you whose name is not here, you are in my thoughts. Thank you to every mother on mothers day whether you are family or friend!

Don't forget Grandma, and the woman next door - whoever she is - those special people who are role models in your life, or special mentors. They love you too.

If your mom is gone then I hope you find comfort in a sweet memory. She is never further away from you than a prayer. Happy Mothers Day!

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden.

~Attributed to Claudia Ghandi

Mothers Day Flowers-Mothers Day Love Comments

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    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      Hi jpcmc- Thank you for your comment. Babies begin their life by capturing your heart. Enjoy this time - It will pass much too quickly! My mom was our family ROCK and we were her ships at Bay. She passed much too soon, I miss her every day. God bless you and your children. Remember your mom on mothers day. SHE will never forget that.

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Such adorable children. I can't wait for my baby to say such nice things about her mom...and hopefully about me as well.

    • mwatkins profile image

      mwatkins 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon & Vancouver BC

      Hi Jill of alltrades - Thank you! I've had to take a tax hiatus and prepare the book work for some of my clients with bookkeeping nightmares. I'm back now for awhile - at least until I get the rest of their statements next week!

      It's a quote that I also love. My own mom was taken away much too young, so I think of her often and what a blessing she was.

      Bless you as well!

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Mischelle,

      It's nice to see you again in my hub. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a wonderful comment!

      Well, this hub is fairly recent, so I'm happy to see that you are back too!

      I love that last quote from C.Ghandi because I so love taking photos of flowers. Maybe I could say, If I put together all the flowers photos I take, then I can have a wonderful garden!

      God bless you friend!