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Mothers Day - Ideas for Gifts

Updated on November 22, 2015

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers

1825, Oil on Panel, a beautiful piece of art!
1825, Oil on Panel, a beautiful piece of art! | Source

Take Mom Out for Tea

Teeservice, 1910, Oil on Canvas.  This looks so realistic, I thought it was a photo at first.
Teeservice, 1910, Oil on Canvas. This looks so realistic, I thought it was a photo at first. | Source

Flowers Make a Great Gift!


Help Mom to Have a Relaxing Day

1917, Afternoon Tea, by Hilda Fearon (1878-1917)
1917, Afternoon Tea, by Hilda Fearon (1878-1917) | Source

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

What Can I Give For Mother's Day?

Mother's Day comes around so fast every year, and we want to make sure the mothers in our lives know they are loved. Here I share some ideas with you that have worked in our family or ideas that sound neat that I have heard other people use. I hope you find something here that you can use, or that these ideas might be a springboard for your own unique ideas.

Take Mom Shopping - My mother loves it if I take her out to her favorite store to pick out and try on something special. If she wants some new makeup, say from a department store, I have done that for her as well. Its a nice gesture to make sure someone is getting what they really want. Great for the pickier Moms that may be out there, not that my mom is picky! This is true for the wife, daughter, aunt, etc.

Gift Card for a Favorite Place - Gift cards can be perfect for some people, as they can get exactly what they want, and use the money in a way that they can maximize. Now, more than ever, there is a gift card for just about everything! Some like to do gift cards for places or services that give a mom something she wouldn't ordinarily give to herself.

Flowers - This is not a novel idea, however its a tried and true classic idea. One year, I picked some peonies blooming and put them in a beautiful vase, to give alongside a little gift. She loved them! Whatever flowers you have growing even, can be a nice gesture! Ordering some online, or picking up flowers at the market or your favorite florist show how much you care.

Jewelry - This idea sounds expensive at first, but it doesn't have to be. I have been so blessed to receive a pretty piece of jewelry for Mother's Day that was picked out by my husband and boys. I treasure these things! I also enjoy making my own jewelry using beads and simple tools. These make great gifts. Shopping for costume jewelry at fun places can be nice too. I noticed for instance that Hallmark Cards is selling sterling silver necklaces right now, and also other jewelry. It is not expensive and a very thoughtful touch!

Herb Garden - This might make some give a quizzical look, but this is what I am doing this year! My mother, has been hinting at getting an herb garden now for the last few months. The other week, she asked if I could help her, as I like to garden with herbs and flowers. This same idea could be duplicated with flowers also. At any rate, I have been keeping my eyes out for cute pots and great culinary herbs to give to her. Knowing her, she will be thrilled, with the several plants in very cute and colorful pots. They are for the indoors, though she can take them out. They are too cook with. The plants I have so far are oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary! I am excited about giving these to her! We are also cooking her dinner, and have cards and a couple other small gifts.

Favorite Candy or Chocolate - I saw some Godiva chocolate at a favorite store the other day. A mother would love to be treated to such a treat as this! Its kind of over the top, especially for a dieting mother, but all the more, how special because its such a rare treat on a special occasion! You need not go with Godiva, and can try See's Candy, Russel Stover's, Ghiradelli and more. One time, my husband and boys made a gift basket for me, and filled it with all my favorite candies! They put a bow on top, and I had the biggest smile on my face because of the thoughtfulness of that and how cute it was!

Gift off of Wish List - If your Mother or Wife is especially hard to buy for, kind of lightheartedly suggest she make a wish list! My parents do this, and we kind of tease them a little, but gone are the days of wondering what to get for gifts!

A Short Trip - Suggest you go on a short trip together somewhere! This can be so fun, how about just one night? Make plans to go do something even small. Stay with family or at a bed and breakfast or hotel. Visit some other family perhaps! Take a day trip to a museum or zoo, or some botanical garden that they would like, and go out for a bite to eat as well. This is a wonderful gift! Those in my family that have done this, loved it!

New Watch - People's watch batteries wear out, and sometimes its just as easy to get a new watch almost than to go through the trouble of getting a new battery and finding out how to put it in, etc. Everyone loves a new watch, and they come in all price ranges.

Gift towards a Hobby or Collection - If a mother has a hobby she is active with, giving a gift that she can readily use in that hobby is usually a very welcome gift! Sometimes collections can be tricky however, as sometimes people continue getting another "angel" or "elephant" long after they don't really care to any longer. Sometimes, a genuine inquiry into the matter can help clear any doubt. "Hey Mom, do you still collect angels, or enjoy getting them as gifts?" If she is tired of them, she will tell you! Be sensitive however, that others in earshot may have one wrapped in a gift that they brought. Some other time, is a good time to ask that question for future gift giving occasions, or in private. That said, no matter what, a gift given, is almost always appreciated no matter what, as the thought matters even more. That brings joy to a mother's heart.

Photo in a Frame - Find a neat old photo, one that she will love to see again or for the first time, and find a nice frame to put it in! She will love it.

Take Mom Out for Tea - Going out for tea with a Mother can be a very rewarding experience. I have done this before with my Mother in Law, and my own Mother also. We always had a very nice time! As an alternate idea, why not a pretty new mug and some special tea, if money is kind of tight? She is sure to enjoy the thoughtfulness and relaxing nature of sipping some tea in her new cup!

Get a Mother a Photo Book - Make a photo book from your old or newer digital photos. This is an incredible idea actually, and can mean more than you know for a Mother. Not even just for her, but long term for the rest of the family, it will be a forever heirloom. Consider this with Snapfish or Walgreen's or any site that you can put your digital photos from your phone or camera card, etc. Or you can scan old photos and put onto these sites, and create an album from it. A true winner, as far as gifts go! Planning ahead will make it the most rewarding, but you need not take too much time to do it.

Give a Card or Phone Call - At the very least, you can give a card. As sappy as some of those cards can be, there are some that will fit any situation or relationship. Its a small investment and means more than you know, to call and wish a person Happy Mother's Day!

As a gentle reminder as I have had some fresh perspective this year with losing my father, our lives fly by so quickly, and remembering any Mother on Mother's Day is not something you will ever regret. Some people have regretted not remembering or doing more. I hope some of these ideas give some affordable and creative ideas for what you can do with your Mom, Wife, Daughter, Aunt or anyone that you want to remember.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there!

© Copyright 2012 by Oceansnsunsets. All Rights Reserved.

Colorful Bouquet of a Variety of Flowers

1879.  I thought this was a very lovely and colorful piece of art.
1879. I thought this was a very lovely and colorful piece of art. | Source

Mother's Day Gift and Card Poll

On Mother's Day, do you give your mother a gift, card, a call, etc?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Dawn, Thank you for your visit and comment here. I am sure your mother will love whatever you give to her as a gift. Have a great day.

    • Dawnrichard profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice tips to impress my mom but i will suggest to give a live flower pot to my mom and i know she will hug me when she will see the gift. Frankly i have not given anything this year to my mom without a warm hug.That is something i want to do from a couple of days.



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