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Kids Homemade Gift Idea For Anyone

Updated on July 28, 2011

One gift idea I love for many occasions is a painted clay pot. All you need to do is pick up any size plain clay flower pot, acrylic paint, some brushes and a spray sealer.

You should have a variety of paint colors available for you child to choose from. Acrylic craft paints work very well, are inexpensive, and come in a wide range of colors. The brushes don't need to be expensive, just have a few different sizes for your child to use. You may also want to purchase a spray sealer if you plan to have the pot outside. This will prevent smudges and protect the pot from the elements.

Line the work surface with newspaper and let your child paint what he or she likes. This is the best part. Your child can use his or her imagination to paint anything. It is amazing what they will come up with. When they are finished I always like to either have them paint their name and the year or you can do it when the are finished. Once the paint has dried you can spray it with a sealer.

I have had my children do this project a few times over the years. I have given these as Mother's day gifts and birthday gifts. Everyone who received one was thrilled and some have also done this project for others. It is such a personal and thoughtful gift that is inexpensive to make.


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