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Mother's Day Gifts & Birthday Presents For Every Type of Mom (Under $50)

Updated on September 29, 2010

Affordable, Thoughtful and Unique Gifts for Mom!

Whether you're searching for gifts for your mom for Mother's Day or her upcoming birthday, there are so many products to choose from.

To select a fabulous gift for mom, you have to consider what type of Mom that you have.

Is she sporty? Does she like to be pampered? Does she prefer practical gifts or fun and flashy ones? Or does she appreciates the more sentimental type gifts?

Below you will find 6 items for 6 different moms that won't break the bank; they are some fantastic and affordable choices for your mom's next gift, whether it be her birthday present of Mother's Day present. Stop buying mom those ugly slippers and's time for a more innovative gift this year!

Delicious & Healthy Fruit!

Mom: The Healthnut

I purchased a fruit basket for my mom last year from this company. They have great service and the fruit was incredibly fresh. I recommend this beautiful, fragrant, fruit basket for the mom who enjoys delicious and healthy fruit.

Mom - The Tennis Pro

This pink tennis racket is sure to put a smile on mom's face! Help your mom play her game in style with the most feminine tennis racket in the world. As an added bonus, part of the proceeds from the sale benefit breast cancer research! Interested in more pink tennis accessories? Check out my guide here.

Mom - The Spa Goddess

Purchasing packages to your mom's favorite spa can be very costly for children on a budget. Give mom a cost effective, yet relaxaing at-home experience with this gorgeous spa gift. You can customize this beautiful spa set with mom's favorite scent. Choose carefully! Honey & Almond, Verbena or Calming Lavender.

Mom - The Nature Lover

I love flowers. My mom loves flowers. My aunts and cousins love flowers. Guys, if you have a significant other, she loves flowers, too! This arrangement caught my eye as it is bright and beautiful and will all your mom to show off her gift and also help her celebrate summer!

Mom - The Tech Girl

The days of giving mom a framed picture are starting to come to an end. Digital Picture Frames are one of the hottest gifts out there right now. They look like a classic picture frame, except instead of displaying just one picture, they can display hundreds! Preload this digital picture frame with pictures of you, family and pets and she is sure to love it's uniqueness!

Mom - The Gourmet

Satisfy your mom's sweet tooth with these smooth, dark and luscious gourmet chocolate truffles from Telluride Truffle. Any true chocolate loving gourmet will absolutely cherish these chocolates (until they're all gone, of course!)


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