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Mothers Day Gifts- Mother and Child Pendant

Updated on November 24, 2011

 Mother and child pendants make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day.   You can find mother and child pendants in cameos and forged in sterling silver or white gold.  A mother and child pendant is an excellent way to show your mom how much you care!

Mother and child pendant
Mother and child pendant

Diamond Mother and Child Pendant with Necklace 16" (0.03cttw, H Color, SI Clarity)

The 10K white gold mother and child pendant with necklace is beautiful gift for Mother's Day or any day! The pendant is a mother and child in a shape of a heart. It is sterling silver with a 16 inch chain. Also included in the pendent are five diamonds toward the bottom. The mother figure reaching out to embrace her child makes this a very special gift.

 The Loving Family Sterling Silver Pendant with Mother and child features a mother outreaching for her child.  Even though the pendant is in 3-d the shape of the arms creates a heart.  The pendant is 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. The pendant includes an 18 inch chain.  It is sterling silver with a clasp and it never tarnishes. Seventeen customer reviews give this pendant five out of five stars.  Customers say this is a great price and they get a lot of compliments on this mother's day pendant.

 The Loving Family Sterling Silver pendant is a great gift for mothers with two children.  This 3-D pendant features a mother outreached to hug her two children.This mother's day pendent comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  It will not tarnish!  This mothers day gift is made from recycled sterling silver.  27 customer reviews gave this pendant  four and a half stars. Customers state this mothers day pendant and necklace is beautiful.  All it takes is an occasional polish to make it shine again.

 The 14 K Yellow Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Mother holding child pendant comes in a beautiful heart shape.  The mother figure bows her head to meet the head of her small child.  The aquamarine gems, birthstone for March, in the heart shape definately contrast with the yellow gold.  At the top of the heart is a small diamond.  This mothers day pendant comes with an 18 inch gold chain. Customers give this mothers day gift four and half stars out of five.  Mothers loved receiving this for Mothers Day and their birthday!

Sterling Silver Oval Frame Blue Agate Mother Holding Child Cameo Pendant

 The Sterling Silver Oval Frame Blue Agate Mother holding Child Cameo pendant is very stunning.  The blues of the cameo is really brought out by the silver. The cameo features a mother holding her infant child closely to her.  The oval cameo is surrounded by a silver frame.  This mother's cameo comes with a 22 inch sterling silver chain. Three customer reviews gave this blue agate cameo was given five out of five stars by the customers. Customers state this necklace is lovely.It was purchased as a first mothers day gift and was very treasured by the receiver.

Amethyst and Diamond Mother Holding Child Pendant

 14k Yellow gold Amethyst and Diamond Mother holding child pendant is very attractive with the contrasting gold and amethyst colors.  The pendant features a mother out reaching for her child. the Gold heart also features five amethyst gems and a diamond on top.  This Yellow Gold Mothers pendant comes with an 18 inch necklace. This is a lovely gift for a mother for mothers Day or any day.  There are other mother and child pendants available in yellow gold with other birthstones.

The Sterling Silver Filigree frame Blue Agate Mother Holding Child Cameo pendant is sure to be a hit with Mom this Mother's day.  The silver filigree brings out the blue of the cameo.  The cameo features a mother and child in an embrace.  The cameo comes with an 18 inch chain.  There is also an option for engraving on the back of the mother and child pendant for an additional fee.  One customer gave this mother and child cameo four out of five stars.  She loved how pretty it is and the price!

Oval Cameo Pendant Depicting Mother Holding Child

 The 14 K Oval Cameo Pendant features a mother and child in an embrace. This picture is very sweet. I particularly like the way the child's arm is draped over the mother's shoulder.  It received five out of five stars on a customer review.  This customer gave it as a gift to her own daughter/  She loved how beautiful it is! The cameo is wrapped in 14 carat gold.

 Show your mom the key to your heart with this 14 K Yellow Gold Diamond mother and child pendant.  The Key is 14 carat gold.  On top is the 14 carat gold heart made of a mother and child embrace.  Also included are diamonds.  It comes with an 18 inch necklace.  One customer gave this mother and child pendant five out of five stars.  She stated it was very beautiful.


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