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Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Updated on February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Idea's For Her

Traditional Valentines Day includes flowers, dinner and maybe a card and is for couples.
Traditional Valentines Day includes flowers, dinner and maybe a card and is for couples.

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Her

Valentine’s Day is upon us again and of course we are wondering what to do for the beautiful woman in our lives. Yes, Valentine's Day is really for her. Of course everyday should be Valentine’s Day but special days like this will assure us to take the time to let our loved ones know just how much we appreciate what they do for us and how we feel about them.

I am not talking to just men but to everyone that understands that every female wants to be a Valentine. As a little girl dreaming about being a princess or a queen to an adult wanting others to treat us like one.

Valentine's Day is the day all women can feel the way they have dreams about during their childhood. Many have had those dreams crushed with bad relationships or misfortunes in life in general; I know I have.

That being said. When I am cherished with cards, flowers, texts or verbal notions that I was in someones thought on this I feel special. Because someone didn't want me to feel left out no matter my beliefs. Use this day to make a special girl or woman feel special.

  • lover
  • child
  • parent
  • friend
  • employee
  • secretary
  • teacher
  • helpful person
  • mail lady
  • someone caring

Women are givers by nature. We give to others all year long while not doing enough for ourselves.Make Valentine's Day special to your mother,gal pal, bestie or daughter. Giving a gift may not be but just a drop in the ocean of gratitude, but is most appreciated anytime especially to those that don't expect it but deserve it.

This is a time to reverse your thinking and participate by showing someone you care. Let this time help you share your feeling with someone deserving. Keeping your feelings to yourself is selfish; put a smile on someone’s face and warmth in their heart.

Appreciation of course it the best gift we can give our special people. Being there and loving a person unconditionally the way they love us is the ultimate gift.

Valentine's Gift Idea's For Her

Ideas for Valentine's Gift

  • Flowers
  • Wine
  • Candy
  • Massage
  • Pedi/Mani
  • Puppy
  • Comedy
  • Dinner
  • Gift Basket
  • Eco friendly Jewelry

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Your cherished love wants to feel loved and important from her love. She wants romance, gifts and candy as well as hugs and soft kisses. She maybe even waiting for that proposal. Ahhhhh, this is the most special day for such an event. If you are proposing on Valentines Day make it something she can tell others forever. Be creative

How long you've been in a relationship doesn't really matter. Practicing giving love and showing love can only make you better at it. Be a romantic... No you? Then practice. Practice makes perfect.

Every woman wants to feel like a queen and if you want your love to be yours forever, you better always remember that. Treating your love as if she's special and important is the best gift that keeps on giving with time.

Just in case, you are someone that doesn't believe in Valentine's Day... If your woman doesn't get a Valentine's Day from you, you are in trouble. It will come out later even if they told you not to bother. What about you? This hub is called Valentine's Idea's for Her. Believe me you will benefit. However if you don't want to get caught up in all the traffic and drama:

  • Plan a romantic dinner with card or flowers
  • Plan a movie date with other couples
  • Plan in house couples event with food and wine
  • Arrange me time for your baby mama

Non Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her

If you know someone not in a relationship by choice or who has just broken up you can plan her a Anti-Valentines Day spent in an appropriate manner.

Those that have evolved passed the resentment can do other creative things to express the love they have inside for yourself or others.

Beside breakups should be celebrated. You are getting closer to getting it right. Look in the mirror and say this to yourself on Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine's Day to you. I Love You Your Name".

Nontraditional Valentine's Day For Her

  • ladies night in with movies,games and dancing
  • mommy daughters special day
  • volunteer at hospital children's ward
  • volunteer at senior home
  • dessert night for foodies

Anti-Valentine's Day Party For Her

Valentine's Day Gift Idea's

Mom's Are Heaven Sent...

If your blessed to still have your mother choosing the perfect Valentine's gift for her is one that expresses how you feel about her. It can be a gift, action or thoughtful words.

She knows but hearing it is always a winner. Always remember you mother is a woman first and would love things that make your feel like one.

10 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her

  1. Your uninterrupted time
  2. Spa coupons
  3. Gift Card to her favorite store with flowers.
  4. Trip to her special place or relative.
  5. Clothing she wish she had or could use.
  6. Computer class and/or computer.
  7. Ticket to her favorite play or celebrity show.
  8. Children or Grandchildren Portrait.
  9. Surprise guest. Far away children and/or grandchildren she doesn't see often.
  10. Dinner at her favorite restaurant or serving her favorite food.

Valentine’s Day is a day that was reserved for couples or parents. But using this day to express love for yourself or others in a new nontraditional way can be interesting and fulfilling.

Make someone happy. You may be thinking you have out grown the teddy bears and candy or you might not be in a relationship but believe me there are many out there wishing someone was thinking of them. It just might be you. So pass the good will on.

Going the extra mile to spoil someone will transfer a feeling that will be remembered always. Dare to make a special memory for someone. You will never regret it. Don't let pride stop you from expressing the one thing people want more than anything. Love

Some people don't have a mother to fuss over; if you do, do it with love....In closing, unconditional love and quality time are the 2 absolute best gifts you can give anyone. They are free and priceless!

Make each Valentine’s Day special I hope these Valentines Ideas have inspired you. Enjoy.


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