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Mother's Day for Whom?

Updated on June 4, 2017


Naked Mothers

Look all around you in all seasons,either it is summer or winter,you will find naked women roaming about in streets and corners of every city,either it is London,Paris Madrid or any other city of Europe and America. the women are a chattel a commodity but does not accept the fact. They were given freedom in response to their struggle of 1880's. they are free to sell their body, honour and womanhood. They are free to date with any Tom Dick and Harry. Nobody can blemish their liberty.

Mother's Day

There are millions of dating sites. You can get woman of your choice for the time of your choice. You should be able to spend money and there are teen age girls,twenties, thirties,forties,fifties and sixty even seventy year old ladies are for sale. In spite of all this dishonour they are still civilized and honour the Mother!

No Husbands are Available

All over Europe or America and in Asia where women are FREE ,there is a dearth of husbands. Men don't like to bear the burden of family life. If there is a conception,that is also extra marital. Children are kept and brought up in nurseries. They are almost unaware of their fathers . Many do not know their mothers.

Civilization Needs Reformation

At present it seems impossible that somebody would think on these lines. But in the near future everybody would be eager to have these thoughts. Mother's Day is celebrated but other days are the same. the same mother goes on dating next day with a person who is not his husband. The West often blames the East and especially an oppose honor killing.Pakistan for honor killing. The west does not know the meanings of honor. If you like your mother goes with a stranger? Will you like your sister is eloping with a person for just a few hours?


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