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Mothers Day gift ideas - May 9th, 2010, are you ready?

Updated on December 15, 2009

Flowers are a good start

Mothers day gift ideas for those living far

For those living in different cities, provinces, states, or countries than their mother and won't be able to see her on Mother's day, being prepared is key. Send your card and/or gift in plenty of time so it arrives on or before Mother's day. To ensure early arrival, there are many services and gifts which can be bought online or over the phone. Remember it's the thought that counts.

Some suggestions:

1. The Obvious - Flowers

There are likely hundreds of websites to order flowers from online. If you can, find a flower shop in your mothers city which has a website, and order from there. You may find cheaper prices, and you can be more assured of the quality. Also, if there are any problems, it's easier to deal with them if it's local (for the rest of your family at least).

2. Photo book, accessories

If you have nice family pictures, or pictures from a mutual family vacation, displaying them in a photo book, or in a nice, large frame could be a good option. You can upload the photos of your choice from your location, but have them delivered to your mother.

3. Gift Certificate

Now I don't mean a future shop gift certificate. I think giving a gift card just means 'I don't know what you like so here, decide for yourself'. I mean a gift certificate for a service - like a day at the spa, or for music lessons, or cooking classes (only if she loves cooking and doesn't take offence!!) Call places in her town which offer such services, and see if they can make a gift certificate for you.

4. Books and other Amazon type goodies

Easy to purchase online and have mailed to a different address. Prove you know what your mother would like.

Many more Gifts ideas for Mothers Day when you can visit her on the day

If you live close enough to visit your mother on Mothers Day, you have many more options available. All the same options as above, though you should hand deliver them, but you will also have the ability to actually do something for her. Or get her something she really would enjoy.

5. Take her somewhere - a day trip to a nearby town, to the closest botanical gardens, to a play..

6. Make her dinner - perhaps you already do this? So make it a special night, go all cheesy and have speeches, have a slide show, make it fun.

Ultimately, your goal is to make her feel special, like she's cared for and appreciated, and as though it's not just like every other day.


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