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Mothers’ Day – what is so special

Updated on May 14, 2012

Mothers' Day was celebrated in many countries the last Sunday and I thought there could not be a better way to thank all the mothers for their support, care and efforts on behalf of their children.

When you are asked about “the most important person in life” there is one common answer – Mother. She is the important, special and the most caring person in our lives. It is very rightly said that God created mothers because it is impossible for Him to protect all his children. In every nation and in each society mothers and maternal bond holds special importance. In the early nineties for the first time celebration of Mother’s Day was done to honor this special bond and the special person. The celebration of mothers’ day is not new and traces of this celebration could be traced back to our ancient civilization. Greeks celebrated Cybele for Mother Goddess, Romans celebrated Hilaria and Europeans celebrate Mothering Sunday which is now popularly known as Mother’s Day.

The dates for celebration of Mothers’ Day vary from one nation to other. In some countries like Norway it is celebrated on the second Sunday of February, Georgia celebrates it on 3rd March, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Russia, and Vietnam etc. celebrates it on 8th March. In UK, Nigeria and Ireland it is celebrated on fourth Sunday of Lent. In most of the countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Each country has its own religious, historical and legendary characteristics associated with this day but the essence of celebrating this day is same all over the world and that is to respect our mothers and say a special “Thank You” to them.

In Hindu tradition mothers are given the highest position but there is no religious or historical tale attached to Mothers’ Day. It is a recently adopted trend in India but is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In Nepal it is celebrated in the dark fortnight of April/May. It is known as Mata Tirtha Aunshi where people worship their mother and visit a place known as Mata Tirtha or Mother Pilgrimage. The credit for the modern-day celebration of Mother’s day is given to Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis who suggested and supported the idea of celebrating Mothers’ Day dedicated to peace. Anna Jarvis is popularly known as the founder of Mothers’ Day in US.

Today almost every country of the world celebrates Mothers’ Day though the dates vary. It has been commercialized and is one of the most commercially successful occasions in US. The day is celebrated by giving gifts, cards and other tokens of affection to mothers.

We all will always stay thankful to our mothers for taking care of us. Mothers’ Day give us an opportunity to say “Thank You” to our mothers which we would have never said. I would also take this opportunity to say this very special “Thanks” to my mother. She always stood by my side whether it was my first day of school, my first day at college, she was there with me on every occasion supporting and encouraging me. Now I am grown up and live in a different town busy with my work and family but call her up daily to tell her that I am fine. My mood may vary but she patiently listens to all my grudges and complaints every time I call her and advises me how to handle the situation. She is a friend, mentor, teacher and most importantly Mother she is sacred to me.

Thank You Mother (Ma) for your Prayers and your teachings because of which I am what I am today.

Do you think you need a special day to say Thanks to your Mom?

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