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'''Mothers Day'' (My wish to you)

Updated on May 3, 2010

loving all year round


Mothers day is a very day for most woman I'm sure Mommas,Grandmas,Stepmoms,foster moms, any sinificant woman in your lifeshould be celebrated on this day. Take some time to remeber the woman that help you become the person you are today. Take time to celebrate these woman whoever they may be, in your own special way. As spring approaches, most New Year's resolutions are a distant memory. Whether you stuck to them for one month, one week, or only one day, the process of making resolutions is important. Taking stock of our lives clears away the cobwebs, and puts many of our goals and dreams back on the table. While the dawning of a new year challenges us to look at every aspect of our lives, Mother's Day is about one thing: mothers. Why not use the annual tradition of honoring mothers to set a few resolutions that nurture you, nurture your own mother, and nurture your relationship with your children?This Mother's Day, make a resolution for each role you play:

1.Mothering Yourself- While it's lovely to have breakfast (even if it's burnt) in bed and a homemade card on Mother's Day, there is no gift that can repay you for the wonderful, tireless mothering you provide to your children. Even if your own mother is still alive, you need to give some of that care and nurturing to yourself. Make a commitment to self-care this Mother's Day. Choose one thing you have always wanted to do and make plans to do it. Whether your secret desire is to take French lessons, tour all of the museums in your city, or have a private chef make a meal for your and your family, make it happen. A happy, contented mother is better able to respond to the demands of her children, so do not feel guilty about taking the time to care for yourself. Consider a monthly time out for you, where you can do something different every time. Or, perhaps you would like to do the exact same thing - a massage and a movie sound good to you?

2.Being a Daughter- Now that you're a mother, you have a better idea of what your mother experienced, and the deep love she feels for you. Make a resolution to honor her by doing something really special this year, something beyond the requisite lunch and flowers. It's a safe assumption that your mother would love to do something fun with you to celebrate Mother's Day. Perhaps you cannot commit to an activity exactly on the day, but make a plan and present it to her as a gift. Choose something she would enjoy, or something new to both of you. Perhaps a drive to a quaint town for a day of antiquing and wandering about? Another resolution to consider making is a gift of forgiveness. If there are old resentments between you, make a commitment to let them go in favor of a stronger, deeper relationship with your mother. Even if you decide to keep your resolution to yourself, your mother will surely feel the effects of your decision.

3.Being a Mother- Mothering your own children so often is focused on the day-to-day requirements of keeping them safe, fed, warm, dry, and clothed. But if you are like most mothers, you probably have values and beliefs you would like to pass down to them. This Mother's Day, make a commitment to focus on fostering those values and traditions in your children. For example, if you hope to raise children with a commitment to charity, you might make a resolution to start a family charity project, or even just instill the value by your own example of volunteerism. Another gift to consider giving your children this Mother's Day is a change in the way you treat one or all of them. Perhaps you have been long on advice and short on listening, and you would like to switch that up so that your child can feel heard. Habits are hard to break, but when you start changing your behavior, you will see immediate results in the way your children relate to you.

Resolutions are easier to keep when they are small. Remember, even the tiniest change can make a huge difference in your life. Make a commitment to all three areas of your life - mothering self, honoring your own mother, and nurturing your children in a new way - but begin by taking care of you. The other resolutions will be easier to keep when you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Whatever you resolve to do, make Mother's Day resolutions an annual tradition; a time to check in, regroup, and make simple changes with lasting, positive effects.



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    • Handicapped Chef profile imageAUTHOR

      Handicapped Chef 

      10 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      Mothers day is everyday to me with out the back bone of my mother I would not be the man I'm today!


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