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Changing Seasons And The Holidays That Mark Them

Updated on March 12, 2013

Enjoy Seasonal Changes

Warm Summer nights by the water, toasty Winter fireside play, jumping in the leaves in the Fall, and enjoying the delight when the first tulips pop their colorful buds makes a change of seasons a very good thing.

Even if you don't live in the Midwest like I do you can bring a change of seasons into your life.

On New Year's Eve if there's no snow or freezing temperatures your in luck. You can watch the ball drop from wherever you are and stay warm. Having the party favors like hats whistles, and confetti help the atmosphere.

Valentines Day brings with it wishes of a Spring to come. All of the hearts and red and pink send you into a love fest. This can help you survive until Spring thaw.

Easter is when we all feel we can bring out the fancy dresses and hats. Some times this isn't appropriate for our weather, but you can do it if your weather permits. We can smell the sunshine coming if it's not there on this day.

Memorial Day is usually the start of Summer for us here in the Midwest, although many picnics have been ruined by this weekend's questionable weather. Nevertheless, it means we can bring out all of our Summer fashions. We may have to wait a few weeks until we start wearing them, but we have them out and ready. That's what it is to live in Michigan. You've got to be ready for anything all of the time.

The Fourth of July isn't a problem ever. I don't remember it raining or doing anything else outside that could wreck even the most planned out BBQ. Flags. and the good ol' red, white. and blue send a great a great message to our young people.

Labor Day weekend usually sends a lot of people into a certain state. If they've got children they're happy that school is going to start. If they've just come home from vacation they'll probably have a different perspective.

Halloween is for kids. But, parents can join in on the fun themselves. I've dressed up as Cleopatra, a Playboy Bunny, the Pink Panther, a Blues Brother, a Greek, and a Hobo. I've always had fun.

Thanksgiving is for families. Any kind of family. The kind that are blood related, or the kind that aren't. It's what's best for you.

The Winter holidays some times present a certain amount of problems, but they can be worked out if certain parties want to cooperate. This is something everyone has to work out for themselves. Usually what worked last year is a good bet this year, unless things have changed a whole lot.

Celebrating the holidays is a good way to add sparkle to your life. Bring in the decorations, and involve yourself in the hoopla. Pretend the weather is changing. If nothing else go where you'll find perfect weather conditions.


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    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      I'm watching it rain upon my garden, now. This is a very good read, chocked full of the cheer of many holidays. I like the rain too!


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