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Stress Around The Holidays

Updated on March 11, 2013

Holiday Stress

It's enough that we have to think about Uncle Marvin spilling his drink all over the place, and little Johnny double dipping at the buffet table. There are so many things that aggravate us during the time we spend with family and friends during the holidays.

We have to think abut who is going to pick up the people that don't drive and live far away. We have to think about the people that may embarress us when they get to the party. Who's going to be loud and obnoctious? Who's going to want to open presents before the kids do? Who's going to cut into the best desssert before anyone else? There are so many things that could happen. It could drive even the most prepared hostess crazy. You know how it is. You've got a certain way of doing things, and when someone messes it up, that's it. You wonder why you're giving the party at all. I mean it's your right to call the shots when it's at your house though.

The stress you feel from situations like this is normal, or as normal as can be. The thing is, when you're dealing with others' stress you can get into trouble.Caroline Hwang in the "Ladies Home Journal" said recently that with others' stress we pretty much have to take it. That sounds bad. Then what are you to do?

She does include some things you can do about your own stress like mood boosters, relaxation techniques, and natural remedies. But again, what about others' stress that can spill on over to you if you're not ready for it? I don't like the idea that you just have to take it. I'd go outside and smoke a cigarette, or wander off into the game room or something. I'd tell my ride that I was leaving if I couldn't take it anymore. I'd talk on the phone, play games, eat, whatever... I just get away from the stressed out person. I know that's not really right. I guess I feel that before I left I would try and cheer the person up. I'd give it a try. Then I'd decide who was in more pain here, me or him?

Living through the holidays without stress is a feat in and of itself. Be proud of yourself if you even attempt it.That is, that you go to the parties, and have people over, and do the things everyone thinks is merry.


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