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Party Survival For Those Who Are Shy

Updated on March 10, 2013


Why is it when you go to a party and the guests turn and look at you as you're arriving that you feel as if you're naked?

When you walk in the door at a party everyone greets you, and someone usually comes over to get your coat for you. If you arrive fashionably late all of the people will already be there and you'll just fit right in. I always go to the kitchen first to say "hi" and to see what great treats my sisters-in-law have come up with to tantalize the taste buds. This usually takes a long time because these girls are great cooks. Next thing you know we're talking about how they've concocted these interesting dishes

. My sister-in-law Margie makes this pumpkin roll filled with cream cheese and it's rolled so when you cut it you can see the spirals. It's to live for. My sisters-in-law, Jan and Carol love to make the 24 hour salad. It's layered and placed in clear bowl or container.

You can see that by checking out the food you can spend a lot of time getting comfortable. You can then ease your way into the swing of things. You can also start out by crossing the room and talking with someone that you know likes to talk about anything and everything.

Next you'll excuse yourself, or they'll wander off and you can then go find something to drink. Carrying around a bottle of water gives you something to do with your hands. You don't have to feel awkward just standing there for a few moments. This is also great for those who smoke and can't because they're in someone else's home, or in a public place. You know other people sometimes have a hard time being social at parties. They need something to do too. So you could be their life preserver in the sea of people meandering around the house or party hall.

When it comes to game playing you can find a way to suggest the ones you like to play. If that doesn't work at first, join in on the game everyone's playing and then make a suggestion about what you might play next. In fact, you can bring you're own favorite games to the party. This part of a good party is important because you're actually interacting with many people at the the same time. I mean, you do want to at least talk to as many people as you can. It will make you feel good about going to parties in the first place.

One year, Margie, brought out her laptop. I sat there and played while many of the people at the party were watching football. They didn't care what I was doing.

One very important thing to remember is the hostess gift. This is absolutely necessary especially if you're the one who never gives the parties. In addition, this is great because you can walk right in and have something to do: Find the hostess and give her her gift. You're starting out by focusing on presents which everyone loves. You can get pleasure from the look on your hostesses face when she opens the gift. That is of course if you've gotten her something she may actually like.


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