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Mr. & Mrs. Snowman

Updated on November 21, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. Snowman

I wanted to make some new door decorations for the holiday season and I got a little carried away. I made a Tom the Turkey, a friendly ghost, a reindeer and a few snowman people. I'm in the works of making a penguin and Santa. All of which I plan to share. Probably should show you Tom the Turkey since Thanksgiving is next week but haven't made the video for him yet so we'll move on the snowman couple.

So fist the supplies you will need:

Cardboard (I used a flat rate mailing box)

Hot glue gun

glue sticks

Ribbon wide and not as wide

black felt (thick)

orange foam

black pipe cleaner



coffee filters (can use white paper pages or felt-depends on where you plan to hang them)

Step 1: Cut out of cardboard a 9 inch and 12 inch circle

Step 2: Use the sticky part of the flat rate box to attach the head to the body (your two circles) or cut a strip of cardboard to do the same thing. Cut a piece of thin ribbon and make a loop Hot glue it to the top of the head. This will be what you use to hang your snowman. I also like to add the sticky part of the flat rate box over the end of the ribbon and staple it to just make sure he won't fall.

Step 3: Take your coffee filters and lay them flat, fold in half and in half again.

Step 4: Starting on the body (12 inch circle) on the outer edge glue a coffee filter every 1/2 an inch working your way into the center

Step 5: Do the same as step 4 but with the head (9 inch circle)

Step 6: Cut your thick ribbon the length of about your arm and another strip probably about 15 inches long for around the neck. Glue the ribbon around neck area and take the longer ribbon and fold so that 1 strip is longer then the other. This will be your scarf tails. You can cut them so they have 2 points.

Step 7: Glue the scarf ribbon (tails) up under the neck ribbon making one side longer than the other.

Step 8: Take a piece of black felt (the thicker felt the better) and make a hat. My hat brim is almost 3 inches tall and the hat is a total of about 7 inches tall.

Step 9: Take the other ribbon (not as wide as scarf ribbon) and glue it to hat to make band. You can then add holly and berries or a snow flake whatever you want to add a little detail to the hat.

Step 10: Hot glue your hat onto the head of the snowman, you can glue it in the middle or I like mine off to the left.

Step 11: Cut black eyes out of black felt. I used the bottom of a pill bottle to trace around for the right size. Glue them to your snowman. Can use store bought eyes as well.

Step 12: Take the black pipe cleaner and bend it to give your snowman some personality. Hot glue the pipe cleaner on for the mouth.

Step 13: ADDED OPTIONS- You can cut black felt circles out for buttons.

You could make black felt circles (not perfect) for the mouth as well.

The whole project takes about 40 minutes.

I got coffee filters at Dollar Tree 150 in a pack for $1.00 It take between 150 and 200 filters to make a snowman.

For the lady snowman I added a large poinsettia where the hat would be.

**please keep in mind I have a 9 and 7 year old helping with video and naming of snowman. :)***

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks :)

Beginning steps

coffee filters

body complete

Ad scarf

Making of the hat

Add details to the hat Correction to what I said in video 2 for $1

Add eyes and nose

All Finished!



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