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Mrs. Santa Claus Costumes

Updated on September 11, 2016

Mrs. Santa Costumes

Looking through all the Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas costumes, you sure realize that there are an awful lot of ways Mrs. Claus is viewed these days, as there's everything from the traditional grandma Mrs. Claus all the way up to the sexy Mrs. Claus, who dresses like she doesn't leave the North Pole much.

Either way, I've included costumes all the way from traditional Mrs. Claus look to the, um, non-traditional Mrs. Claus look. And for those who are somewhere in between them, there are some that, at least I consider, a Mrs. Santa Claus costume between the traditional and non-traditional Mrs. Santa Claus look.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and having someone with a Mrs. Santa Claus costume always adds something to the celebration and fun. Of course which Mrs. Claus we see will be determined by where we celebrate Christmas.

And if you really like to experiment, there are a variety of wig hairstyles for Mrs. Claus, along with glasses and a variety of boots or shoes.

No matter which Mrs. Claus costumer you prefer, it is fun to play that role and hand out all those baked goodies and presents while wearing your Mrs. Santa outfit.

Traditional Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas Costumes

In these first three photos of the traditional Mrs. Santa Claus, we see how they are timeless, and no matter what your age, they always work. And even with all the Mrs. Claus costume competitors you'll see below them, I still think they're the best of all of them.

The third one below isn't velvet like the first two, but it has a very distinct fun look and color, which is cute. Notice the interesting and different hats and hair of all these Mrs. Santa costumers.

Personally I like all of these first three, but I think that Mrs. Santa hat on the third one down is the best.

Cute Mrs. Santa Costumes

These next couple of Mrs. Santa Christmas outfits I consider in between the traditional and more sexy types of Mrs. Santa costumes. While they're completely different from one another, they have a real cute feel, and those heels on the first Mrs. Santa below are great. Lot's of fun.

And the Mrs. Santa hats these two are wearing look great. Even so, I prefer the bottom one as far as how it looks on her.

Sexy Mrs. Claus Outfits

These sexy Mrs. Claus costumes are very different from each other, and of course you have to have some imagination to see them as Mrs. Santa, as the costumes leave little to the imagination.

Is is interesting how each part of these Mrs. Santa costumes are completely different, and yet they do the job. The bottom one is the one that is the real stretch, as far as knowing it is supposed to be a Mrs. Claus costume, but those bows probably speak to that more than anything.

That hood on the top costume is really nice looking , and a great touch. Those white bands on the middle Mrs. Claus also look great.

Many Different Mrs. Santa Claus Costume Styles

It's amazing to see, even within each particular Mrs. Santa costume look, how differently they're made, They encompass a lot of variety and contrast, even within the traditional to the sexy Mrs. Claus look. This is just a little sampling of the enormous number of Mrs. Claus costumes there are to choose from.

But even in our day, I still prefer the traditional Mrs. Claus costume over all the rest.


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