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Mule Day Celebration

Updated on April 30, 2011

about Mule Day

The Mule Day Tradition began around 1840 beginning on the first Monday in April. This was a day that brought crowds to the animal livestock show and Mule Day Market (originally called Breeder’s Day) which was one of the largest livestock markets in the world.

At some point in time, they decided to stop the celebration part but the animal auctions continued. In 1947, a man named Charlie Skillington was able to talk the Chamber of Commerce into bringing back the Mule Day festivities. Even today, his family members are deeply involved in the Celebration.

Today, it is almost a week long celebration of the mule; it is loaded with activities for the whole family and a truck load of your friends! Some of the activities begin earlier like the Mule Day Beauty Pageant which is held in late February.

If I had a covered wagon and a team of pulls to pull it, I would join the wagon trail in the Leiper’s Fork community in Williamson County, Tennessee. This year the registered (you have to pre-register---no exceptions) participants met on Sunday and were treated to a free super by the community.

They drove to the Bethel Community on Monday and spent the next two nights there. They arrived at Maury County Park on Wednesday where they camped through the weekend. It is a wonderful site when you see the wagon train traveling down the highways. There is something romantic about a wagon train and camping out. Mostly is just fun and, sometimes, you can make lifelong friends.

People from all over the United States and other parts of the world travel to the Mule Day Celebration, you never know who you will encounter. Many famous people have attended in the past but, in some cases, it was kept secret until after the fact. Larry the Cable Guy came in 2010 to make a documentary with the History Channel crew but it wasn’t made public. If you attend the Mule Day Celebration, keep your eyes open because you never know who you might encounter.

If you have taken the mule ride down into the Grand Canyon, you may have ridden on a mule purchased from Maury County Tennessee. Columbia, Tennessee is known as the Mule Capital of the World. The mules from this area are bought and transported to many other countries.

The bulk of activities are held each day from Wednesday through Sunday. In future celebrations, they may add other events besides music on Monday and Tuesday. Some events featured are Appalachian foods, flea market, crafts, dancing, and music, the Blue Grass Music Festival, the Liar’s Contest, the Mule Pulling Tennessee State Championship, the gaited mule show, and the Mini Mania show (for donkey’s under 36” and mules under 40”).

Mule Day Future dates:

2012 March 29-April 1st

2013 April 4th-April 7th

2014 April 3rd-April 6

2015 April 9th-April 12th

For more information go to the Mule Day website.



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    • profile image

      Fiddleman 5 years ago

      My first experiences as a young boy who had grown big enough to work on my grandpas mountain farm was using a harrow on new plowed ground. Grandpa had a mule and in Websters she could very well been pictured beside the word "stubborn." Great write and a fun read.

    • anidae profile image

      Anita Adams 7 years ago from Tennessee

      As always, RTallini thank you for your support and comments.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Thank you for the information with the future dates...and the smiles! :)

      Sounds like this would be a neat event to check out one day.


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