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6 Must-Have Qualities of Your Sea Freight Forwarder

Updated on October 9, 2018
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Here are the 6 must have qualities of a sea freight forwarder that you should check out to send your gifts back home!

Christmas is getting nearer, and with it comes the peak season for sending care packages to families in distant places. According to Gulf News Society, people around the Philippines send gifts such as household appliances, food, toys, and clothes packed in boxes to their families as early as September. Meaning, it’s a busy time for sea freight forwarders in the Philippines. However, complaints about forwarders arise every year. To avoid hassle and dismay, we listed the six must-have qualities of your prospective sea freight forwarder. Keep an eye to these qualities to have your cargos (with items bought from your hard-earned money) delivered in best ways possible.

  1. Quick Route – Choose a sea freight forwarder that moves packages with speed and accuracy.

Whichever the route, the company should always offer the fastest routing for you. They must grant quick transport time for your goods unless you require longer shipping for them. It is your right to expect them to deliver your packages to the destination on time and in good condition.

  1. Clear Quote – Your preferred carrier must present an understandable and honest pricing structure for your cargo. They must offer you a comprehensive contract for charges and help you decrease your shipping costs. In that way, you can assure that they are professionals and committed to helping you move your packages at best shipping rates.
  2. Experience and Credentials – Always settle with a legal sea freight forwarder. Research is the key. Check if your prospective forwarder is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. Moreover, a reliable company can tell you about their company history, their freight forwarder network and partnerships, and testimonials from exporters who trust them.
  3. Track Record of Compliance – This is one of the key components when looking for a carrier. They must know how to arrange and manage the transportation of your goods. It’s also their job to inform you about export regulations, shipment methods and package status. Remember, a compliance-focused partner is good because they establish efficient delivery.
  4. Flexible Shipment – The best sea freight forwarder in the Philippines can handle multiple types of packages. It shows their willingness to help you deliver different kinds of goods. May it be a particular commodity or an important document, the best carrier know how to export it efficiently and accurately. Plus, they always make an effort to understand your industry and requirements.
  5. Insurance Policies – This is one of the essential services that a sea freight forwarder must offer. They must issue insurance policies for your shipments in case of theft, damage, or loss. In that way, you are assured that your packages are in good hands. Plus, it shows that the forwarder is reliable enough to take responsibility for your cargo’s condition.

Those are the six must-have qualities of your prospective sea freight forwarder. Keep in mind that your selected carrier will be your partner in exporting hard-earned goods in the Philippines. Therefore, choosing the right one is vital. All in all, more research and careful selection are the keys to having your packages delivered on time and in good condition.


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