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Gift Ideas for Rich People

Updated on October 18, 2017

This article started life as a joke page - how on earth can anyone afford a hundred thousand dollar watch on Amazon?

But some people really want to know what to buy very rich people. At first I figured they must be poor people looking for suitable cheap gifts.

The poll below indicates there are also wealthy people looking for more expensive presents. Not the usual "watches under ten dollars" pages.

So I am trying to please everybody. It is impossible.

For people without much money it is a tough question. Do you spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to please the rich person - when you can't afford it or match up to what they would spend on themselves?

No. That won't achieve anything apart from a nasty credit card surprise.

In my opinion you need to focus in on their interests or hobbies, and find a thoughtful inexpensive present. Something small and good quality rather than large and obviously cheap.

If the wealthy individual is a keen golfer then something in a reasonable price range might be personal golf balls or a good quality one of those things they use to repair small holes in the grass.

This page contains a few useful personalised gifts which might get you thinking and avoids the more expensive ones. It is both scary and amazing how quickly you could spend thousands of dollars on Amazon.

Relax. He will be happy with something small and thoughtful. Now it is up to you :).

So How Rich Are You?

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What follows are some random gift ideas, personalised gifts and age-related possibilities.

I think there are some good ideas and some not so good - but that is the tough part of choosing presents. It is about your taste and theirs and finding something that makes you both happy.

Many of the products on here are real choices people made as gift purchases.

Accessories is the Name of the Game

If we can't afford to buy the rich guy a whole new suit how about some personalised cuff-links to wear?

Or instead of buying him a new golfing cart what about some new golf balls?

By spending a small amount of money on a well chosen item you can get something they will appreciate without upsetting either of you.

That is the theory anyway.

Pretty much every sport, hobby or interest has a possible thoughtful present in an affordable price range.

Let's Do the Cufflinks

A top small present for the guy who has everything. He already has everything so what can you possibly get?

These small accessories come in a large price range from cheap to insane. Find the right price point, add on his initials and you have a thoughtful gift idea.

Example of an Accessory Item

Initial Cufflinks (Alphabet Letter) by Men's Collections (T)
Initial Cufflinks (Alphabet Letter) by Men's Collections (T)

A modestly priced thoughtful item might tick the box. Tip - choose the right initial!


Sporting Interests

Not everyone plays golf but the principle is the same.

Find some neat product or gadget that the gift receiver may not already have or you know they need a replacement for. Checking with their friends or spouse before can provide ideas.

Make sure it is functional and reasonable quality. A rubbish gift is worse than no gift.

A golfer might appreciate a new tee set or those cosy things they put on the tops of clubs when they carry them. All sports have bits and pieces that are required for the keen sportsmen so find his interest and add to it.

Personalized Gifts

Like the initial cufflinks - any personalised item can have the rich man's initials or name placed on it to give it a more special touch.

That is a way of achieving a present to be appreciated with a little thought and effort.

The more thought you put in to choosing a gift the less it will cost. Down to a certain limit of course!

Anyhow that is my thinking for this tricky problem. We can't compete with the hugely wealthy so we give them something they might not buy themselves - and hopefully they might actually use.

If you put your own initials on they might remember who gave it to them but that is pushing the idea too far!

A Personal Pen

Some people still use a writing pen for signing cheques, contracts and personal letters.

A pen is a small gift which has a personal touch. It is like carrying a reminder of the person who gave it to them.

You can spend thousands of dollars on some really special pens but this page is not for rich people buying their friends presents.

You may need to do some present spying, ask some questions. Does he already have one of these? Would he like one?

A Photo Frame for the Office

I originally had a Fabergé picture frame showing for a joke. Hugely expensive and hideous. Why would anyone want one of those?

But people do often want a picture of their favourite people or moments. Perhaps for a little reflection before the next meeting or even as a talking point when visitors come by.

Obviously families are a popular subject choice, along with holiday destinations and that huge fish he once caught.

Those Office Games

There is a wide range of what they call executive toys - everything in miniature. Mini golf games, pool - you name it they have produced it for the office desk top.

For this advert I chose the top-rated accessory which is still the Newton's cradle design. Perhaps the perfect desktop accompaniment.

A design classic and educational whatever of course.

Age Related Ideas

One way of appealing to the person is to find a gift that relates to their age. The decade they were born in or maybe their favourite times. If you know their actual birth date there are lots of items to choose from - many of them inexpensive.

You can get papers that were printed on their actual birthday for example so they can see what was in the news at that time.

That can be a personal gift they may enjoy. Recently someone bought an Almanac for their birthday person and also a pair of these neat coin cuff links featuring the year in which they were born. Coins work well for this and do not have to cost the earth.

62nd Birthday for Men-1955 Genuine 10 Cent Cufflinks-100% Satisfaction Guarantee
62nd Birthday for Men-1955 Genuine 10 Cent Cufflinks-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

These are an example of coin cuff links that can feature the year of their birth. Not a bad idea. Available in different coin style - and years obviously!


An Almanac?

I didn't even know what one of these was until someone visiting this page bought one for their rich guy.

It contains historical or retro facts and quirky information about their birth year. Quite a nice idea for a few moments reflection about when they were born and what a different world it was back then.

Cheap too!

1955 Back In The Day Almanac -- 24-page Booklet / Greeting Card
1955 Back In The Day Almanac -- 24-page Booklet / Greeting Card

And this is the Almanac. It is like a massive greeting card filled with fun facts. 24 pages of stuff - something to keep.


Enough For Now

I hope the various products here gave you some useful ideas.

I appreciate not everyone can afford the watch. Not so many millionaires seem to visit this page despite the poll showing such a large number in the top 1%.

Present giving is not just about the money. Some thought can go a long way too. Spend time rather than money on the gift choosing and there is a chance it will make you both happy.

Meanwhile there is a wealthy guy who still needs a present so get busy and good luck. I hope you got a few ideas from this page.

For Mr. 1%!

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