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Birthday Getaway Blog + Vlog

Updated on August 13, 2017

The day began with a bit of stress because of family problems. I thought I would not have the attention of my parents on this day because of what we as a family were going through, but I was happy to find out that my mom had taken the day off from work.

My mom came over and we decided to do a brunch at my favorite place in San Diego, Babycakes!

Babycakes has the best brunch food and yummy cupcakes that go perfectly with their mimosas and lattes!

I was happy to spend time with my mom and after we went to go see my dad and brother. The day continued as I went to work and the following day was Friday. Me and my boyfriend decided to do a bit of traveling for the weekend.

I was happy to wake up early on Friday and pack for our weekend birthday get away. We started the sunny morning with coffee at Better Buzz and after he took me to a bikini boutique to pick out my favorite swimsuit as a birthday present! (see Instagram for boutique)

We hit the road for Palm Springs, I was prepared for the burning desert sun as we drove closer down the 74 Highway. I could feel the 107 Degrees creeping up on us, but we were excited as ever to getaway and I was also excited to film my first vlog of our trip. (above).

We arrived at the hotel and from the heat we were ready to jump into the pool. Our room was facing the pool so there wasn't much convincing each other what the day would lead to naturally. We got ready and jumped into the pool, ordered our poolside drinks from the bar and relaxed as the desert heat passed and turned into a cooler evening.

I was happy from my birthday getaway, this year wasn't a big celebration with friends. I wanted to save that for my bigger birthday when I turn 25 next year. This year was about no organization and just making quick and spontaneous decisions. I don't always need to organize the fun for others because sometimes it just ends up disappointing me.

I filmed my first vlog on this trip and it wasn't the best, but I'm looking forward to make more memories that will be filmed to look back on.

more pics on my instagram @vesselinaadrianna
more pics on my instagram @vesselinaadrianna

First Vlog

As we spent our weekend in Palm Springs I enjoyed the getaway to the max, but it was unnatural for me to film the whole time. Looking back at the vlog I definitely could've recorded more of the key events, but its practice and a skill in itself to film.

On this trip we visited the Indian Canyon, which was really beautiful, the place reminded me of an oasis in the middle of the desert. We visited the popular restaurant that everyone takes their cute pictures at called, Normas, and lastly had my birthday dinner at the Tropicale restaurant that is voted one of their best restaurants in Palm Springs. This year we didn't go on the mountain lift because this year I chose to do a spa day and get a 1-hr massage at our hotel... It was amazing to say the least!

I definitely want to start vlogging more of my memories like these, I remember when growing up my dad was always filming our family outings. It leaves such beautiful memories to watch back as I grow older and I hope to continue this tradition. I hope you guys enjoy my video!

© 2017 Vesselina Raltcheva


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