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My Christmas Wish List.

Updated on October 9, 2009


Christmas wish list


Just bring me....
A smile wrapped in tinsel
my child in braces
spreading joy at his gifts
snow the night
before Christmas
and the morning of
and then 53 degrees
till Spring
something in stockings
to delight my senses
something out of stockings
to send them reeling
love to all the loveless
peace to all laden with war
retribution to all
who have lost
loved ones to insanity
the head of bin laden
to dropkick and bury
in the midst
of a New York landfill
with the rubble of all
things useless
and unwanted
a president who
"really!!" cares
about anything but
big business
five minutes to hold
talk to and kiss
my dear departed Mom
one hour of my childhood
revisted through the magic
of time travel just
to feel the excitement
of Christmas at dawn
hope for all without any
wrapped in warm blankets
security and a job
streets empty of homeless
hearts empty of hate
jails empty of killers
all their DNA tested
so that innocent are
properly set free
and guilty are
executed as soon as
results are delivered
Puppies that are born
housebroken and stay little
three years and live to be
50 like parrots
Churches without abuse
priests who love children
but through God's eyes
all the soldiers home
by next Christmas
Oh...please let it be
no more children used
as kinder in the fires
of rage men build
a return of the
babe in Bethlehem
Fully grown and ready
to make straight
the crooked hearts
and destroy the evil
that rules the world
some shepherds to watch
runaways and coax them home
flocks of shivering
teens with no where else to turn
more dreamers and
more time to wish
with more wishes
that come true
just box it all up
wrap it in newspapers
that's all we had as kids
to dress up presents
funny pages were coveted
for their colorful style
and tie a bit of yarn around it
cause this is such a yarn
I am spinning
but perhaps if it was woven
tightly enough
it might all still come together
without unraveling
and stay together
warming the hearts
of all men...maybe....
so if it does
even after I am long gone
put it under a tree
perhaps a weeping willow
and let the pandoras
of the world
all those
wide eyed and curious
children gather
in giggling masses
to open it
ooohing and ahhing
as they watch the
magic of Christmas
change the world in which
they now often cower
into the paradise they deserve
see them dancing in garlands
of flesh and ivory smiles
around the tree
to the music of love
without fear
Merry Christwish to you all
and a hope filled New year...


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