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My First Christmas in America

Updated on December 25, 2016

America is literally a wonderland to me.

I arrived here last summer, June 16, 2016 to be exact. I immediately noticed the difference between the summer in the Philippines and the summer here. It was a “real” summer day when I left, which means it was very warm and humid, whereas when I arrived here, in Detroit particularly, I noticed the cool breeze like all around was air-conditioned, a very sweet summer day, no sweat and perspiration even outside the building. And to my wonder, this is a place where in summer the trees are so green and the flowers that I saw were blooming in variety of colors. I even planted some flowering plants in the front yard of my new house, the house my husband owns for more than a decade which now becomes my own residence too together with him.

Then all of a sudden the leaves of the trees become yellow or orange and many more trees were losing their leaves and to my dismay, one morning when I woke, ran to the porch to enjoy the sight of my beautiful and colorful flowering plants which had been there a few months back, now they were all wilted and looking dead like a plague had struck them the night before; this really made me cry, I worked hard that summer for these flowers to become so and now they're all dead, but hubby sympathized with me and explained the nature here, he said I can plant again in spring, this was fall, such wonder, we never have these in the Philippines.

As the month progressed, the weather got colder and colder, I was chilling but hubby said it was not real cold yet. Then one morning I woke up to a perfectly different surrounding and environment. It was wonderfully white all around and as I opened the door to get to the porch, a freezing wind “slapped” my face. I was carried away by the beautiful sight of the snow that I ran to the backyard with a shovel in my hand and started to create a snowman. I had managed to create only a small one because I was already freezing.

Oh, America the wonderland!

I used to be just alone at home when hubby is at work. I knew nobody but I had gone walking to the Family dollar Store a mile away walking when I needed to buy something for my arts; I just walk because I cannot drive though we have an extra car parking idly at the parking lot beside our house. I have no driver's license as yet, hubby is too busy to take me to the ADB to do the processing of my driver's permit and eventually the license. I had no friends to talk to so I rely on the internet to contact my family and friends back home to strike a conversation, just so I won't feel so all alone.

Then one day, right after Thanksgiving Day, hubby and I went shopping at Carson's; I was shopping for winter clothes and boots; my mother-in-law gave me a gift card on Thanksgiving for that shopping when suddenly some Filipina ladies befriended me; from then on I had established friendship with them, I never realized there are so many Filipina here, some of them doctors and medical people then they invited me to a Christmas party. We had lots of fun in the party, music, singing and dancing with plenty of Filipino food.

Such a Merry Christmas. I realize now that wherever we are in the world we will always meet friends to make our lives more meaningful.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 11 months ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Thanks so much for that encouraging comment I love it here first because I feel so at home with my wonderful husband, I love I love the beauty of the snow more than I dread the cold weather. Thank you and God bless.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 11 months ago

      Glad you are making friends and enjoying the weather up north. It takes time to settle in but you have a wonderful attitude and I'm sure it will help you adjust quickly.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 11 months ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Gypsy Rose Lee,

      Thanks Gypsy for the comment...yes, they are great people, we have one common experience by just being here as foreigners.

      Thanks again...Merry Christmas and God Bless.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 11 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      A wonderful story. It is always that way when you relocate from your homeland. I am happy you found friends from your homeland.