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My Grown-up Christmas Wish : more than material things

Updated on February 26, 2011

More than material gifts

My daughter, Sarah, proudly informed me the other day that I have two Christmas songs in my Ipod by one of my fave singers, Michael buble. ( I just love him).

Anyway, hearing this song "My grown-up christmas list" while driving to the office kind of challenged my sort-of-materialistic-christmas-list. The song talks about the author's unselfish wish for Christmas. At first, I said to myself, its a really nice a song, and while its tone and melody entertains the listeners, they are also suppose to promote values. Its serves as a model, but in reality, it remains to be an aspiration and an inspiration. Then I smiled, and continued to think about what sort of gifts would make me happy this December.

Things immediately run inside my head: (1) A nice pair of earrings (2) an ipod (3) a new phone(4) Gift Certificates from Rustan's, Landmark, or SM, top shop, Mango

And the list just went on and on in my mind.I just love the joy of receiving gifts. After all, I am a normal person and normal people have normal, human desires.

It would really, really be nice to have one, if not all of these wishes come true, and anybody would agree with me a hundred %!!!

Now, if you really think about it, the material possessions we so lust for so much, loses its magic after a while.

I am quoting part of the song that touched my heart this morning.

( No more lives torn apart, that wars would never start, and time would heal our hearts, every man would have a friend, that right will always win, and love would never end.....)

The gift giving won't come to a hault. It shouldn't. It wont.

But while we think about spending our hard-earned money to buy expensive gifts for our loved ones, families, friends, colleagues, lets not forget first and foremost to thank God for enabling us to earn and buy gifts. And then as we wrap those gifts with nice, fancy wrappers, I suggest we think well about these people and as we fondly write down our wishes and nice thoughts on those nice, small christmas cards...lets strengthen our bonds not only through material things but that which surpasses any other gift...the gift of sincere love shown by constant kindness and selflessness to those that we touch base with, everyday of our lives.

Have a blessed Christmas people! May all the gifts that you wish for become a reality this year!!!


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