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My Impression of Germany - Why I think racism still strong in Germany - An anti racism appeal - Say No to Racism

Updated on October 18, 2012

I am from India and Germany was always my favourite country in Europe from the time I started taking interest in world political history. My impression of German people was that they are one of the most hard working people on the planet, believe in perfection and love their country. My belief was supported by the fact that after being completely destroyed after WW1 they managed to become the super power with in 20 years and then again after being ruined in WW2 again became the powerhouse of Europe and world leaders in machinery and automotive industry. Due to all above mentioned reason I always wanted to visit Germany some day.

However my first contact with Germans happened after I completed engineering and joined an Indian IT company. My first client was a German telecom major for which we bagged the contract of maintaining their IT systems. I was delighted to be in that project. However my joy was short lived when I started communicating with them. Although I understand that English is not their first language and neither mine, I always found their wordings very sarcastic and not in good spirit. There was a sense of superiority in their email conversation and clear message that they don't consider us to be at par with them. Even after that my support for Germany was never diminished as I thought that their behaviour might be due to the fact that they were loosing jobs due to offshoring the work to India. After some time that project was over and I moved on to some other US project.

My real contact with Germans happened when I was sent to UK. I have been now living in UK for three years and I frequently visit India, at least twice every year. I always want to carry lot of gifts for my family and friends and bring lots of stuff from India while coming back. Therefore, I always try to select airlines which gives at least 2 piece baggage allowance. Now a days only Lufthansa gives 2 piece baggage between London and Delhi although that means its slightly expensive and it stops over Germany for couple of hours. For last three years I have been flying via either Frankfurt or Munich to Delhi and same while returning back to London.

However each time I have found airport staffs being impolite and rude to passengers travelling from subcontinent. I understand that security is a big concern all over the world now. But I don't think security concerns in Germany are bigger than India or UK. The way we are frisked in German airport makes us look like terrorists. This become more through for people from Sikh religion who might be mistaken as Islamic fundamentalists and not even older people are spared from this ordeal. At the same time, most of the white people are let go without any frisking. These people are untrained at dealing with the sensitivity and sometimes looks at us like we have done some crime by coming to their country.

Its not the case that everyone was rude and racist. I particularly found younger generation from Germany very cool and easy going. When I discussed my experience with them they had no shame in agreeing that most of middle aged people are still living in Nazi era. However they pointed out that Germany is changing and newer generation don't find themselves different or superior from others.

My intention of writing this hub is not to shame Germany. If anyone working on Munich Airport read this hub, please understand that you people are the gateways of your country and make every effort to present the best picture of your country.

I think Germany is still my favorite country and I will still give it benefit of doubt because I have only visited its airport and not its cities and villages. I will be glad if my observations on German airports proved to be wrong. Till then....fingers crossed xxx


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