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My Redneck Christmas Tree

Updated on December 3, 2009

Yes. I am allowed to talk about rednecks.  I am their queen.  So I can tell you all about my redneck Christmas tree without fear of being deemed politically incorrect. 

At Christmas, I go shopping and I go into other people's homes, where I see the most exquisitely color coordinated trees.  They have large elaborate bows and streamers, which compliment the colors of all of their ornaments.  I heard one lady say that she decided early in the year, this year, that she wanted to incorporate a certain color into her Christmas tree, so she kept an eye out all year in specialty shops for ornaments in that specific color.  Her tree is beautiful and that is a grand idea. 

However, of all the things I have had on my mind in 2009, I can honestly say that planning my Christmas tree colors never once crossed my mind.  I've known since I took it down last year what I wanted my Christmas tree to look like this year.  And it looks just like I hoped it would.  It looks basically like it has every year so far, with a few new ornaments added here and there over the years.  Naturally, some ornaments get Christmas off every few years as new ones report for duty.  My tree reflects who I am.  It is almost a museum of my family's Christmas memories. 

The first ornaments that my mother purchased as a newlywed, about sixty-eight years go, adorn my tree, as well as some she purchased only a few years before she died, almost nineteen years ago.  The ones that I purchased as a newlywed thirty-five years ago hang proudly alongside some that I purchased at the after-Christmas sale last year.  There is the one that someone gave me the first Christmas after my now-twenty-seven year old son was born.  There is one that my sister-in-law gave me several years ago.  She now has Alzheimer's and her memories are fading fast.  I treasure that ornament right along with those that my two sons made in elementary school; which I hang every year.  They don't ever get Christmas off.  One of those is a small needlepoint goose with a wreath around its neck.  As I hung it on the tree last week , on Thanksgiving night, with that thirty year old son watching, I teased him about his first and last needlepoint project.  He laughingly reminded me that he has sewn on a few buttons since then.  As a farm animal lover, I have many cow, pig and chicken ornaments; as well as some that I bought because they look old fashioned, and make me think of Christmases long ago - even before my time.  I think that back then, people really knew how to enjoy Christmas. 

So even though the fancy trees are pretty in their own way, I'm not even tempted to change my decorating scheme.  And any time you want a taste of redneck Christmas, come on over.  We'll drink hot chocolate, and I'll tell you all about my Christmas tree memories.


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