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My parents wedding anniversary

Updated on June 18, 2013

Marriage, something that really means a lot to many traditions. As I think about it, I know that when I finally find the right one, I will enjoy being married. But as my parents 28th wedding anniversary is coming this weekend, it really makes me think. Now with so much more divorces happening, how can one make a marriage last?

I asked my parents how they made their marriage last a long time and they gave me two pieces of advice. The first one they gave me was lots of communication between each other. They talk things out before going to bed, it is not good to go to bed mad with each other. Before any decisions are made they talk it out before making the final decision and that is how they have been able to make some wise decisions for the family. I'm greatful for the way my parents have been able to communicate with each other because that means good communication can make a marriage last.

The other advice that was given to me was the love that they have for each other. Love is important when it comes to being able to make a marriage really work. Sometimes that love can be unconditional between each other. Different couples show the love for each other in different ways. Some people get married just because they feel like they need to, they sometimes don't get married for love, just out of necessity. But it is important that love be part of the marriage because that is what binds a marriage.

Those two pieces of advice will really help me when I finally meet that one special person who I am meant to be with. After 28 years of marriage for my parents, I know that their advice is worth keeping in my heart. To those of you who have been married for a long time, what has really kept you together and has made your marriage stronger as the years go by?


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